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Analyse my rank graph and compare/comment?

I thought it was useful when sweeppicker showed a graph of his to get a compare and contrast. So could you guys take a look at mine and tell me what you see in terms of progress, what still could be done/if im on the right track. Would be nice to see your own too if you are willing to share, not the kw ofc, just the graph as i find it motivating if others have traveled on the same path and managed to hit paydirt. As you can see for me I reach the main running but have not been able to push over the edge. Ive been wondering if its like an athletics race where its easy to pass the first 20 participatns but the front 5 are the hardest to beat; ie the biggest competition is the hardest to reach front page- of course this is true but im wondering just how much this is at play vs maybe other factors. My quandary has been, is what im doing not working or should i just keep doing more of the same for longer till the dam finally breaks. Perhaps you guys can offer some insight.


  • This my data for one of my latest adventures . I think sharing graph is useless unless you share its searches and competition   . That 110 one is a buy term , so don't make fun of me . I have realized that Ser is good for ranking for upto 6-8 to 20 ranks for mid competition keys .  For further boost you need to spice up things .
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    Thanks, yes ofc my mistake for not mentioning the traffic. silly of me to forget :D. for me that graph is for a 3k traffic term which was on under 50k search comp when i began but now on over 210k but im not sure how much that increase is from my spamming :D. Not too much I shouldnt think because I dont use the kw as anchour that much and the kw wouldnt be in the articles.
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