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Higher Threads = Lower efficiency?

Hey guys, I was wondering this because, my Indexer is having trouble keeping up to GSA. I have gsa on 600 threads and indexer running at 300 My vps can handle this, so I was wondering if i increase my threads in indexer to about 600 will it be as efficient and do the job 100% correctly as it would if i were running 200 threads? I use 'full indexer mode' and the 'use only sites that can index deep links' settings


  • SvenSven
    just test it yourself with low threads and high threads for the same URL and see if the number of links it creates is still more or less the same.
  • @Sven, I cant test that atm, im asking this because i have 100k links to index and i dont have much time to, so i was wondering the fastest and most efficient way to do so
  • SvenSven
    Well sorry, but I also have no time ;/ ...stop it, do 2 tests and continue with the list...whats the problem with that?
  • @Sven, Yeah thats what im doing haha :) But the question is still not answered anyway.. waiting for more replies
  • Use Full Indexer and run on 600 threads.
  • edited June 2014
    Once you run the links through Indexer how would you check to see if they were actually indexed or not?

    I tried using "Show URL's > Verified > Index Check" in GSA and none of them were indexed.

    I can test it out, but I'm wondering if there's any benefit to exporting all the links then adding them to indexer again? Any one tried doing this to increase the indexing percentage?
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