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Hi all,

I've been a member and avid user of GSA for quite some time now and never seemed to be able to find a decent vps provider. This led me to look into it and start offering friends the service. Now a over 6 month's on and we've seen nothing but great results.


We used to offer a ton of different options but now we only offer the one. The server's are based in the EU and the spec's are more than ample for GSA and other SEO tools.

Please note the spec's will also be increasing soon (i.e. More RAM, we are planning on upgrading users to 7-8gb instead of 5). I am happy to setup a VPS or two for people to login and have a play around with. So far we've had no-one complain about the VPS's and hope to keep it that way.

Figured I would post in here just to see what sort of interest we get.

We are always looking to improve so feedback is more than welcome. Regards, randomsk1tzo


  • I've got two of these VPS servers (one recently increased) and they perform better than any other ones I've tried.

    Downtime is like never, and if there is then support is always great.

    Highly recommend these servers for GSA. Good specs and affordable.
  • Spark SEOVPS is the shit. I used power up hosting, which made me want to ram my head into a wall. After them I tried SolidSEO VPS, which they were alright. I finally got to Speak SEO VPS because I wanted to try out a more powerful VPS and haven't looked back. I've since ordered another one. I churn out a shitload of GSA links on the reg now. Would highly recommend them to anyone.
  • I am Really Happy With Spark SEOVPS.  The Support is Amazing. Thats really important to me. Plus the specs are really Great. I use the advanced and am really happy with it.
  • Loving the appreciation right now, but it's definitely looking like I've been buying comments rofl! Thanks for the +'s guys.
  • this seems like spam to me :)
  • Haha, I assure you it isn't just happen to be active in a skype group and these fella's are customers who wanted to help me out, little did I know they would all post in such a short time period :)
  • I have 2 of them myself.  it's always blazing, and the support is the best I have ever seen.  No kidding.  
    The VPS is Great! and the Support is just as great!!!
  • @jpvr90 its definitely starting to look fishy now. I am thinking of setting up some test server's and let people have a go if they wish.
  • I've got one of these VPS servers as well and use it for GSA and FCS.  Works great with both and a couple of other random SEO tools.

    Overall the greatest thing about the VPS is the tech support that Karl and his crew provide. I've never had a problem getting a hold of him through Skype. The downtime is pretty rare.

    I highly recommend his service. I forgot to mention that I switched over to his server from Berman and am highly likely to switch over my other VPS as well.

  • @dangergirl

    Thanks danger, love the feedback, I'll wait for your second VPS :)
  • Sorry but yet another happy customer! :)

    I was one of the first ones in when I switched from Berman 5 or 6 months ago and right from day one its been the doggies nishkas.

    Fast VPS, great service; don't know what else you could really ask for. 

    If you are looking for a VPS, then if my experience is anything to go by, Karl won't let you down.

    (You did say cheque's in the post, right Karl? :)))
  • Although there are a couple of legit posters, it seems like a lot of people joined the forum today just to post in this thread?

  • Happy to recommend Karl, I have several servers from him and have 5+ SEO buddies that own servers from him because I recommended him. Great quality, low prices, fantastic guy. Sometimes there just is a great service out there, this is a perfect example. Good service get's a lot of people raving, as you can see. ^Non incentivised review :)
  • edited January 2014
    Do you have plans in place if your business goes mental? ie. if you get 100 new customers in a short space of time.

    Over-selling and being under-prepared is something that most VPS companies excel at. The reviews are good, especially the one that said they'd been with Solid (who I've been with and are great). I have a dedi now but will be looking at getting a couple of VPSs in the next month or two but I'm very wary of I was once a copywriter and hell, most of the shit you read on the Internet, I've probably written it!

    ps. personally, I think the website looks terrible and wouldn't buy from it on that alone. Looked at difference compared to the competitors.... Sorry, just my opinion.
  • I was on one of his vps's a few days ago doing some testing for a client who wanted me to help tweak their GSA and I gotta say I was impressed.  I'm really going to need to look at his pricing because there was no cpu lag at all like I get when I'm running a lot of projects at once.  This is something I strongly suggest you consider when you are looking for a solid vps.
  • @HappyBear how many is a lot? I have 450 projects at the moment, there will be close to 700 soon...SolidSEOVPS Wizard I could run 50 at a time, with my dedi it's 150 (depending on what I'm doing), so how many is a lot? This thread is very biased. I'm off to look for bad reports...that's where you get the real info. This just sounds like a bunch of mates pooling together to bolster the guys' simple website/service.
  • @JudderMan, I can give it a go running that amount of projects. We don't overcram/oversell the machines. If we had an influx of customers we would buy more machines simple.

    Website is being worked on. I can set you up with a test if you like?
  • @JudderMan, PM'd to setup a test server if you like.
  • Is this still available. Do you have a skype  ?
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