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Quickest Way for Web 2.0 Tier One's

I have been looking at Rankwyz and Autofill Magic and a few other tools to create some good number of Web 2.0's outside of GSA SER. Any recommendations?


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    Looking for the same. How are RankWyz and Autofill working for you? I am currently testing FCSNetworker. There is also SERengines but to many mix reviews with that if you read through thread topic.
  • Can anyone recommend a solid Web 2.0 Creator?

    So far FCSNetworker has very low success rate only 10 out of +50.
  • RankWyz seems like the best solution and the most supported moving forward. I tried it out for a month. The fees are reasonable as well.
  • Rankwyz gets the job done. I Hate the interface - not very intuitive. But creating accounts works, and it gives you a lot of control. I've got the lowest package, and I am more than happy.
  • Automagic Fill is basically like creating the 2.0s yourself but it fills in a few fields - I got my money back. It's lots of work, you might as well outsource it or use a VA or use a VA to work with AFM/other tools. 
  • I've not tried any of the others, but I use RankWYZ and it works well. Although as said, it can take a bit of getting used to.

    Using the desktop account creator app. you can easily automate the creation several hundred web2s in a day.
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    Tried FCS,SER Engines,Rankwhyz.
    Rankwhyz is the best. Not to intuitive tho.
    Wish forum was like this one however :)
  • I use FCS. Haven't tried Rankwyz. No complaints so far.The account creator works fine. I usually run multiple sets in their account creation overnight and it spits out about 1k account on average :D
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    So far I am having horrible success with FCS.
    Beginning I was getting 10 success now I am getting around 3-6 only.

    I will be checking out Rankwyz next.
  • @jpvr90 you mean you have low success of creating accounts? I'm averaging at 40 successful accounts per run with FCS
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    Yes creating accounts and submissions are horrible so far with FCS.
  • I have not tried Rankwyz, but FCS is working for me.
  • I have access to 800,000 accounts web 2.0 you can use them on Rankwyz, FCS, ...
    I'm ready to share with 2 or 3 guys here to make them less "spammy"
    Contact by PM.
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