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Trade: 243 specific topic areas, each with specific comments and blog posts for...

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Fact is, as I'm sure you know it, if you've setup your first GSA campaign, you need CONTENT.

And yes, content IS king -- no matter what.

We get backlinks to pages all we want -- but without that HIGH quality content, the backlinks will count for nothing.

I'm not talking about AUTO-CONTENT here that creates jibberish like those auto-generator software.  I want REAL content so that when Google gets smart enough, this content will past muster 6, 12, 18 months from now.  It's content that will STICK!

That's also my intention -- and it's my mission to create a really good stash of them.

Furthermore, the generic comments -- no matter HOW BIG the stash -- are only so good when the text is around your backlinks.  As I'm sure you've seen mentioned, most folks try to make their GSA comments Niche Specific and for good reason.  Google looks at the CONTEXT of your words surrounding your anchor text.  If you are talking about CONTENT that relates to the anchor text, it's definitely viewed as a contextual link with higher value.  Anchor text that is OUT OF CONTEXT will not carry the same weight.  Thus, the importance for relevance to the anchor link.

So I have a trade if you're interested in some content for your campaigns.

I've got well written blog posts and blogs comments written for 243 niche specific topics.  Here's a sample category:

My only issue is that most of them are NOT spun at all.

So I'm willing to GIVE you 25 blog comments and 25 blog posts written in 1 of the 243 niche specific topics in exchange for you spinning them and sharing the raw spin file with me.  I, in turn, being the wordsmith I am, will then improve upon those by increasing the spin value of each blog post and blog comment by at least another 50-100% better and send those changes back to you.  As that topic grows in value and spin worthiness, they will always be available to you as part of your initial contribution.  Considerate it a contribution with ongoing dividends.

IF the topic you require is already spun, then you would need to agree to enrich the quality of the spin in order to use the comments and blog posts for content.

Obviously, as time goes on and you use more of these blog posts and comments in your GSA campaigns and contribute to the secret society of niche content spinning maniacs, you'll gain deeper access and build quite a portfolio of HIGHLY spinnable content that could serve you well into the foreseeable future.

Most of this stuff (content) has NEVER been published -- so it's already unique, but needs a little touch-up.  :D

What I'm looking for in exchange is to spin each blog post and blog comment paragraph/sentence/word level deep -- like this:

{This is the {first|1st} {variation|spin} of sentence 1, paragraph 1|This is the {second/2nd} {variation|spin} of sentence 1, paragraph 1|This is the {third|3rd} {variation|spin} of sentence 1, paragraph 1}  {Same for sentence 2, 3, etc}

{This is the {first|1st} {variation|spin} of sentence 1, paragraph 2|This is the {second/2nd} {variation|spin} of sentence 2, paragraph 1|This is the {third|3rd} {variation|spin} of sentence 1, paragraph 2}  {Same for sentence 2, 3, etc}

The goal is DEEP spinning to allow these comments to be used among the society of blog post and comment spinning maniacs.

If you are interested, you can just reply here to let me know, and possibly, what topic to make sure I have it and whether you are willing to exchange fair value for value -- and I'll be in touch via private messenger.

In the end, this could turn out to be one of the most valuable assets you develop in your arsenal -- all as a result of a concerted human effort. :D

There's no way to battle search engine robots than to fight back with real humanoids.  :P

It's just me -- going full speed... 

P.S. -- I am not listing ALL the topics here only because I just don't have the time to type out the entire specific list.

Here's the main topic list:

Health and Fitness
Real Estate
Self Help


  • I think this sounds great @fullspeed

    I am interested in online gaming and home improvement.
  • @theorbital -- I've got 25 blog posts and comments with the title "games & OS's" and then "techie stuff for guys" which may have some relevant stuff in it.

    As far as Home Improvement -- you can take a look at what floats your fancy from the attached image:


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Will send you a pm about this...I think it's a great idea. 
  • edited November 2012
    I'm sure that @mikeanthony has got some darkness to shed on the word "great" -- and I think I'm going to call him Lord Voldemort from now on.  :-P
  • lets go with 'Upgrade Your Kitchen' and for the online gaming....maybe I didn't use the right category for that one. I meant to say 'card games and strategy' if that makes any sense :-/
  • Sorry -- nothing on "card games and strategy" or anything remotely close.

    Upgrade Your Kitchen shall be uploaded tomorrow -- ding me and I'll let you know where to pick it up.
  • hehehe. search for the keyword proxy goblin review and tell me whether content is really king or is it that some people know how to workaround logics :)

  • @fullspeed I'm interested in doing the spintax format for all the topics. Please pm me =)
  • SvenSven
    Im afraid @fullspeed is no longer active here. He quit most forums due to some hard words on other forums as far as I understood. Though I agree, he was a big help when he was active on this forum.
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