Save sites according to captcha type

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Don't know if it's technically possible, but a good function would be to be able to save the processed sites by a) platform and b) captcha type. So for example after running a project, an option to export specific CMSs only using specific captchas, think Buddypress + Recaptcha for example.

Having this option would open the possibility to re-run those sites with paid captcha solving services => probably a much higher success rate for some captcha types.


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  • SvenSven
    nice idea but would require some more work on how this is saved together with PR and maybe other data. Will thnk about it.
  • yip great idea!
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    Yes this is a great idea for sure.

    Then we can skip the hard to solve captchas, ser will save those skipped sites according to the captcha type (ReCaptcha, etc), then we can later just import those sites to a project and use a paid captcha service just for those.

    I'm not to worried about saving the PR with these, but maybe just an option to save the sites that SER skips when we select it to skip the hard to solve captchas. This way might be easier to be implemented.

    Hope you can make this happen @sven
  • I was thinking, if we can specify a service for different platforms or vice versa eg I can only use paid captcha for Web 20, SER Engines and Social Bookmarks sites. We already have option of choosing the PR and dofollow links why not option to choose platform.
  • Any update / plans for this feature?
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