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Repeatable Problem Inactive to Active all Projects = Not Responding


Not sure why, but if I select all projects (63 of them) and toggle Active to Inactive or any other status, GSA SER always shows "Not Responding". And I mean every time. If I select them in smaller groups, it does not. 

I am on Windows 2008, Quad, 4GB Ram 40GB SSD.... 



  • I have a feeling that this is a "one off" issue. I am backing up the projects, deleting them, and restoring them to see if all is okay.
  • SvenSven
    is it recovering itself or is it frozen and you need to restart?
  • Frozen and I have to use task manager to kill it.
  • @coneh34d are the projects in Groups? If so, it's best to expand all groups, highlight them and uncheck the Group name before doing a bulk change of activity. That's what I've found. I have 15 Groups and 450 projects, and it never works properly unless I do it that way.
  • JudderMan I was selecting the group names when this behavoir was exhibited. Thanks for the tip.
  • Cool @coneh34d glad it works. If you are just changing one group then you can change all activity, but as soon as it goes across groups it doesn't work. Remember this if you change other options ie. SEs, filters, global list etc etc.
  • Completely solved the problem.
  • SvenSven
    so you are saying there is a bug when having select a group that has a sub group and you change the status?
  • SvenSven
    same in new version?
  • I am running 7.45
  • SvenSven
    7.46 is latest ;)
  • Confirmed in 7.46
  • SvenSven
    how big is your project backup? I might need it or the structure as I can not reproduce this on my end.
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