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Please verify if am getting this right or not ?

OK so my question is You only need private proxies for scrapping purposes... & for don't need private proxy.. you can use the general proxies that gsa provide inside it Did i got it right ? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Question 2 I have a list of url " targets" when i load it in gsa.. how does gsa know... which url... is for commenting... which one is for article posting & many others tasks... does it tries all the things on it or ... there are target list that have specified types in them & what if i load a target list in which it contains blog comment and i didn't selected comment in the edit project option will it still post or skip or fail ? Thanks :)


  • Proxies are for scraping, posting, and pr checking. Public proxies can be slow and burn out really fast, because they're heavily used while you're the only one using private proxies and you can go for speed and uptime.

    I'm pretty sure ser identifies platforms by looking for certain platform specific lines of texts on the webpage though I'm not sure how it does. However I'm sure that it only posts to those platforms which you have allowed it to in the settings. If it encounters a blog commenting platform while having that unticked, it will not identify that site as usable and thereby not post to it.
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