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Questions (from a newbie...) about spinned articles in GSA

edited October 2012 in Need Help

In first, sorry if my questions can look silly to your eyes, I'm pretty new to the SEO campaigns.
And sorry for my english of course.

I know that GSA can read an artcle with spintax format like {sentence|phrase|short paragraph} %\% and so on.

So if I have 1 article spinned 50 times, I have a potential of 50 (or 51, but this is not the point...) different articles.
When I load in GSA the aritcle with spintax format, it start to generate in random 50 different articles to submit... right?

My question is:
When all the 50 articles are generated and submitted, GSA stop to submit these articles or start again to submit the first article in a rotation loop?

Second question:

I have 5 seed articles, I spun these article 50 time each (so I'll have 250 different articles) and I save them with the syntax form in a folder in my PC.
Is there an option to ask to GSA to look in that folder and choose to load each of these 5 articles in random?

I hope I was clear...

Thanks in advance
Ciao Roby



  • SvenSven

    The program will not stop after all combinations of your article have been poster. Because each time it submits, it will generate a random version without knowing which version has been submitted.

    To use the content of a folder you can use the right mouse click on the article edit to choose this.

  • I think you're getting confused with spinning in general. There are two ways of publishing content;

    1) create a spun document and use this as is within the content submission areas of ser ( paying attention to Svens comments).

    2) Use a spinner program to spin 50 versions of your article meaning you have 50 text files each containing 1 article. As Sven says, you can right click content areas and navigate to the folder contains your 50 articles and it will pull 1 article upon each submit.

    Depending on the content you're using most people use a spun document as is or as i do, multiple spun documents for more variety and uniqueness.

    You may want to read up on spinning in general as there are many variations and tricks you can leverage to your advantage :)
  • ronron

    What Sven said above answers your question. GSA will continue to spin new articles from that spintax until you put in a new spintax.

    Just so you have a general reference, I will use the same spun article - in spin syntax - for several weeks up to a month before I even bother to change it.

    There are various levels of spin - sentence, word, etc. Each type of spin will give you different mileage. For example, if you spin at the word level, you will get the most uses for that spun article.

    Some people are very liberal with how many times they use a spun article (I'm probably in this camp), and for others this is a sensitive spot for them - so they probably change spintax far more frequently.

  • Ok, thanks guys
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