How to use a verified list?

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I just bought GSA ranker recently and trying to get used to it. I found a verified list(very large list) on a forum, so if I use this list, what advantage can I have?

1) what is verified list? How to know a link is verified?

2) Is that gsa ranker using some queries to look for forums, web 2.0 sites, wiki sites…that I want [step1] -> try to register on these sites [step2] -> try to verify emails [step3] -> login to these sites and post backlinks or articles…[step4] -> ping it[step5]. So with this verified list, the first 3 steps already done for me and now it only need to login to these sites and post new backlink? If so, do I need captcha service?

3) I wonder if it’s a web 2.0 profile or forum profile and the backlink is put in website or homepage url and these section only can hold one link, how can gsa ranker reuse it by putting another backlink? And how can it know the username and password to login to post?

4) Do I need to use a Hotmail or just use a default mail of gsa ranker?

5) Do I need to use proxies with this verified list?

Btw, why this forum form doesn't have editor, I have to write the line break manually :(

I will be very appreciated if someone could help :)


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    Please don't email me and post the same on the forum. Use one method please.

    A verified list is usually a list of URLs where someone previously
    submitted to and got a successful submission where he saw the link live.
    It's in the end still a list of sites you can submit to and where you
    probably see the link getting placed.
  • Ok Sven, I'll ask on forum only. But could you please be more a little detailed as I'm still a newbie. Can you give me an example of a submitted link and a verified link? And please help me answer these questions above too. I'm very appreciated :)
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    1) A link is verified when SER finds your link in a place where it didn't exist previously.

    2) What you are talking about is the type of stuff SER has in its engine files. Engine files contain all of the steps that SER uses to post to each engine that it supports. A verified list and step 1 this, step 2 this are totally unrelated.

    3) It can make another account for a new link. And it saves all of the account data.

    4) Lots of people use lots of different emails. Catchalls, email on their own domain, temp mail, online mail like hotmail.

    5) Probably yes. You need bulletproof hosting to post without proxies.

    6) A submitted link means that SER submitted a form on a site basically. Take a blog comment for instance, you can often submit a form, but the post goes into moderation. A verified link would be a blog comment page where you submitted a form, and a link actually showed up on the page.

    You need to do your best to educate yourself. Asking a bunch of 'how do I hold my dick to piss' type questions isn't gonna get anyone anywhere.

    Theres about a million threads on the forum, read them.

    edit: Heres a tip for you, if you have a question, ask google with a site: "unique words pertaining to my question" or site: my question.
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    thanks @donaldbeck
  • very nice @donaldbeck Thanks alot.
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