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New Option for Proxis Private

New functionality

First of all sorry for my English. Those who use private proxies do not use public. I have 50 and only use those, in GSA being I have marked to remove me Proxies that fails, because if not in a long time I ran out of active proxies, as GSA be if it detects a failure it desmarcaria to be used.

I have to go several times a day to GSA and check all proxies including the demarcated in order to see which work or not. Sometimes you get several proxies blocked by Google, this action is desmarcarian to pass the test.

Would be rather than to the private proxies checking what could do for example every 30 minutes, so always use the proxies to maximum, one that does not work is cleared, one that google thing has banned uncheck it. If after further on the proxy again be active, when you pass the self-test is again active would.

Thus aprovevchar to the maximum our proxies, improve the LPM and not receive as many failures gogole or other search engines. Not would need more than that qie options every X minutes check the entire list of private and disconnect those who do not pass the text and reactive which are again correct.


  • SvenSven
    Sorry it's hard to understand but I think you can do most of that already. You can e.g. turn off any proxy provider and then it will only do tests on the added proxies.
  • Use translator , you are not English .

    As you indicate you do is find new Proxis every X minutes, but I do not want to find new proxies . I want only check me private , and if one is disabled , enable it again if the check detects that works.

    Not if I explain well , the only way to check is with the Proxis option "automatically search for new proxies every" but I do not want new proxies.

    Example get active campaigns and have 50 proxies , as time passes , some of these proxies are blocked by google , under the option that proxies banned " Disable proxies banned"

    Now what I want is an option that eg every X minutes just re check my list of private proxies , and if you already banned the reactive work , or if anyone has stopped responding, turn it off , but only and only on private.

    The option that you say Sven 's just used me and added several hundred public proxies now have to take because they do not want .

    I hope you are now better understood.
  • Every day I have to check several times private proxies , some fail, and that did not work and other work. But I have to do it manually , I have to go to my list of proxies , and not jump TEST ALL the uncheked .

    IF not h ago this many requests are rejected because they would use a proxy that is down, and when this time off will return to work again .

    There is much more support for unused proxies to better manage private.

    With this, I will always be using the same 50 proxies , but disconnecting the banned iran and go reactivating operating again, and fully automatic way .

    So important that we give the LPM , this would improve the rate of LPM . Also if we do not check every so often those who return to work at some point not because GSA BE tenenos proxies if off but then re check every X minutes

    I have very many ideas to improve GSA BE , ideas that must evaluate Sven , but for me this is now perhaps the most important to give more stability to a VPS LPM this 24 hours working.
  • put a practical example. A list of 50 private proxies, and they all work. I have 20 campaigns, I give START and have 200 threads in the VPS, and the VPS not see until the next day 

    When I come, I go to do the testing calculation VPS Proxis and only work 37. 

    I have no such marking disable proxies, because otherwise I would stay without proxies by a small mistake, because a proxy for google banned used for other things. 

    As it stands now, just disable obviously got even point we will run private proxies, because they are not re-checked. 

    13 Those that do not work but if you do not disable use because 
      How many searches have made me lose? because they are using 13 hours proxies that google has banned. 

    If the option existed I ask if proxies banned deactivate the option there for that in GSA, but knowing that every 30 minutes will go re-checking my private list of proxies
  • I'm guessing for your nick and some mistake on translation that you speak spanish, if that the case i can help you here because i speak spanish too, i will explain sven what you want but let me tell you that you can do a couple of things to avoid banned proxies like: lower your threads, don't check PR with your private proxies, don't use ser for scraping...

    @sven what he want is an option on SER that recheck proxies every X amount of time lets say 30 min to test what proxies are banned from google, if SER detect any banned proxies it automatically disable this for use... after the next check (30 mins) SER will recheck all proxies again and if there is 1 disabled proxies that is good to go now it will automatically enable this one again and disable the other that are banned and like that, he wants to automate the enable and disable for private proxies only for the amount of time he set.
  • SvenSven

    OK thanks @rodol ...this can all be done.

    1. disable all proxy providers

    2. enable the option to automatically search for new proxies every 30 minutes

    3. test the proxies once against google (next time the automatic testing is using the same method)

    4. set things up to test all proxies (good/bad).

  • no, that does not work, I had tried, though not tick the boxes, but remove the url where would seek proxies, the program finds proxies 

    I have 50, now have 76 cheked and unchecked 16248 

    Before ordering this function to Sven had already tried all the possibilities, but no one to do exclusively with private. 

    Now again delete proxies XDDD

    note: I've done it again, point by point, and anything else you try to see, or the same as was recommended to me because I always find my public and I mix them, I just want to use private
  • Sorry, @Sven but does not work, well if it works and plays but I do not check anything, just to check god / bad and removing the url from which extracts the proxies etc ... Provided adds proxies
  • I left the settings as suggested me @ Sven, I close the program, restart the VPS, I start the program (I have set to 1 minute to see the effect) and suddenly added me 13,000 free proxies. 

    With only one option "Ignore all public lists" or similar would be worth, I have put any url or stated any file or folder from which to draw, just do not have anything marked exception that every minute look and checked for God / bad

  • OK NOW. Should say that the selection of Proxis is in the "LIST" tab and not "options" in the option "Add / Edit / Prosysites" 

    Even so thank you very much, solved and I hope that works for someone. Thanks @Sven
  • But this does not solve the problem. The program will check whether or not the proxy works. They are always private work, the problem is that some are temporarily banned from google. How well I can do this check automatically? 

    By this I reactivated again all proxies, but hey now writing these lines, I realize that if active in Options, Submision that "disable proxies banned" and I have the problem resolved. Because I check the proxies will enable everyone, this option switches off me if google the bans. 

    I left my best explained, if someone has the same question. It's a bit complicated but in the end you can do all what I asked for, thank you for your patience @Sven
  • I have to be the world's dumbest or unluckiest man. All in theory should be as explained above. 

    Now what happens is that I have marked the box "disable proxies banned" for that matter, and it turns me off no proxies I see in the log that are being banned from Google me. I removed the testing calculation Proxies if interfered, but no. With 50 proxies, I am 37 pass the test of google, I launch the application, and I see that occasionally proxie XXXX ip banned Google, but I still have the same number of assets, 37 proxies, why? 

    In the end there can be as I thought, I'll have to manually scroll through the list several times a day to check the proxies
  • @porlapatria hablas español?
  • Si claro. pero como aquí todo dios habla ingles.

    La verdad es un poco domplicado explicar todo esto, al final no se puede hacer, da muchas opciones de gestión de proxies libres pero muy pocas o ninguna para supervisar continuamente los privados.

    Si te va bien con el SER podríamos intercambiar experiencias y trucos por correo, porque aquí no hay canal español


    You can create a channel for GSA SER in Spanish
  • Deberia haber uno, se que hay mas miembros que hablan español =), pero puedes decirme cual es exactamente el problema que tienes o que no puedes encontrar?
  • FAcil: a ver si lo explico fácil.

    Yo solo trabajo con proxys privados, única y exclusiamente, 50 proxis me pueden dar como 38-40 que funcionan, es inevitable. SI yo pongo 200 hilos que suele ser lo normal en el VPS al cabo de un rato se me cae un Proxi o dos. Si yo no quiero que SER lo use tengo que ir a proxis comprobar todos para gogle, no saltar los no marcados (para que los revise todos) y me dice por ejemplo que tengo 35. Pues eso pero automatico

    Ahora tengo que entrar yo cada pocas horas y ejecutar la comprobación de proxis con google para que se me queden solo los proxis que funcionan con google, asi por ejemplo durante varias horas no tendre uno o dos proxis que no pueden hacer nada porque están caidos o google no los reconoce.

    Según me lo contaba Sven lo que el dice no vale, porque no comprueba google, solo si responde. Yo pensé, vale, marco que me desmarcae los proxies baneados, pero no los quita. Yo tengo esa opción puesta veo algunos proxis que dice x.x.x.x banned for  pero no me lo quita.

    Mi idea seria, que se desmarcaran los proxis baneados por google y yo cada 15 minutos recomprobar todos los proxis otra vz y los que hayan dejado de funcionar se desmarcan y los que vuelcan a funcionar con google se reactivan. Sabiendo que durante los próximos 15 minutos los que fallen el sistema los vuelve a desmarcar.

    Eso funciona solo con los públicos gratis, OSea que el programa tiene muchas mas funciones de gestión de proxis libres que de pago, justo debería ser al revés. Los pro usamos VPS y privados, y resulta que con tantísima opción , lo que pido solo se puede hacer en los gratuitos y no en los de pago.

    Perdona que me haya extendido, es quiero dejarlo claro. No se como no se le ha ocurrido esto antes algún usuario, porque cuando mas hilos metes a la vez mas posibilidades de que te tiren proxis de google, pero con esto que digo, lo tendríamos muyyy controlados.

  • SvenSven
    No, this is a English forum (even though I get some German customers wondering due to the .de domain).
  • SvenSven
    Though of course you two can handle all in Spanish for this thread. ;)
  • edited January 2014
    Si entiendo, le preguntare a sven como se puede hacer esto, no estoy seguro si ser prueba los proxys con google cuando seleccionamos la opcion test proxies..... intente utilizar las opciones que hay eliminando las listas de proxies publicos para ver si funcionan solamente con los privados pero de alguna forma el programa me busco muchisimos publicos y esto es lo que no queremos.... creo que debe haber una opcion que nos permita utilizar estas opciones solo con proxies privados.

    Probe otras cosas y si puedes hacerlo solo tienes que activar las opciones y en donde esta la Lista de proxys, abajo donde dice Add/edit proxy sites, De-selecciona todo y en la url pon algo loco como http y ya, ser utilizara las configuraciones y de todas maneras intentara buscar publicos pero como nohay lista no va a encontrar nada por lo que la configuracion solo se usara para los privados

  • in proxy tab

    with what ser test proxies if we thick that option? can we choose with what ser should test the proxies?
    is there a timer that we can set on SER to recheck those proxies.. good or bad?
    if the proxy is disabled because was bad before, if test is succesfull on the recheck ser will re-enable that proxy again?

    can we have an option to use this settings only with private, only with public or both?
  • SvenSven

    with what ser test proxies if we thick that option? can we choose with what ser should test the proxies?

    Proxies are tested the way you have chosen it to test last time.

    is there a timer that we can set on SER to recheck those proxies.. good or bad?

    The same timing as for "the search for new proxies" is used.

    if the proxy is disabled because was bad before, if test is succesfull on the recheck ser will re-enable that proxy again?


    can we have an option to use this settings only with private, only with public or both?

    I would not mix private/public proxies anyway...So no, there will be no extra option.

  • Rodol no se llega a enterar. Rodol en la ventana donde tu comnpruebas los proxis privados, abajo hay varios botones, el ultimo ADD proxy, ahí escoges diferentes URLS de donde sacar los proxis gratis, yo eso lo tengo quitado, osea a mi ya no me añade gratuitos.

    el problema es que la comprobación de proxis solo mira si esta caído o no, no comprueba si sirve para google, y luego la opción de "Disable proxy ban" creo que solo funciona si el proxy se cae por completo, pero no de lo deseleccion si esta baneado de gogole.

    Porque mi idea esta, desactivar según trabajan con la opción "disable for ban" y cada 20 minutos re comprobar los proxis privados con google.

    Es que Sven no se llega a enterar del todo, y a ti no te deben entrar proxis si los desmarcads de donde te he dicho, en el mismo sitio que agregas proxis privados, pues el botón de mas de la derecha le das y te da un monton de urls para extraer los proxis públicos.

    HAy que hacerle ver que no hay apenas gestión de los privados, que si lo quiero comprobar debe ser a mano y que no desactiva si google lo ban, osea, todo a mano por ahora. ¿para que queremos tantas opciones de proxis públicos si la mayoría tenemos privados.?

  • @sven this is what i mean with "Test Proxies" if i go to list, and right click a proxy it give me some options:Test against: google, bing, etc.. this is done manually, but where i thick the option "test proxies" there is no list to select against what ser should test them... 

    another thing is that in the Option tab there is a "Disable banned proxies" option, but inside proxies config there is this "Automatically disable private proxies when detected to be down on use".. whats the difference between this two options?

    What @porlapatria want is an option to test private proxies only every 20 or 30 mins, but test them against google.. if they are ok for google SER will re enable that proxy, if the proxy is banned from google SER will disable that proxy... this can be done manually but there is no automation for this unless we don't know yet.

    i asked previous question about the disable banned proxies because i want to know if the disabled banned proxies option its understanding that we are talking about banned from google.
  • SvenSven

    again, the automatic testing/searching is using the last test option you chose from popup menu. If you previously tested against google, it will do that as well.

    "disable banned proxies" is only working if the option to auto disable proxies is enabled.

  • I'm going to look at this more slowly, I don't want to disturb or grab the attention of @sven thank you for everything.
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