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HEEEELP How Can I Fix The Errors After The New Update To v7.45 Version? & What Is The Best Setting?

What Is The Best Setting For GSA After The New Update To v7.45  

To Get The Best  LpM.

After The New Update I am Getting = > (( E-mail Login Errors Continuously )) & (( My LpM Went Below 1 ))

According My Information The Word Update Means Going For Better Situation Not Worse

So If This The Best Situation

I Want To Go Back To The Older Version Of GSA Which Was v6.85

I am Really Regretting For Doing This Update

Please Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

If Can't Get Any Older Version How Can I Resolve This Errors = > (( E-mail Login Errors Continuously )) & (( My LpM Went Below 1 ))

I am Using 20 shared Proxies & 10 Private Proxies and I marked all as a Private Proxies

What Are The Best Settings To High LpM ???

Thanks & God Bless


  • Check your e-mails?? Have they been banned or does your provider disable access after logging in multiple times from the same ip in a certain amount of time?

    All updates I've done have only improved things, as that's certainly what they're supposed to do. If something is broken or wrong then you simply make your problem obvious to Sven. Of course along with a way to replicate your problem and a detailed description of what is going on. Simply saying your lpm has gotten lower will neither help you nor Sven or anyone on this forum who wishes to help you.

    To get the best lpm is easy, simply increase your threads until it runs stable, disable all filters in ser, enable all platforms, solve all captchas, post to the same sites, and have proxies with warp speed. Does it get you ranked? Very likely not unless you're doing churn and burn, but it'll sure get you the highest lpm. Remember, this is 2008 so it's all about throwing as many shitting links at your domain as possible, lpm is everything, and quality links are soooo 2014.
  • Hi Mr.fakenickahl

    1st of all thanks for your response 

    1- Before posting this inquiry I checked all my Email they are working very well.

    2- I used to work before on 120 Threads & HTML timeout = 120 & Custom time to wait = 60 Seconds 

    3- All my filters are disabled 

    4- all my Platforms are enabled

    5- I am solving all Captchas

    6- I am posting to the same site

    I didn't change any of my setting and I am still getting this RED ERRORS


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