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0 verified, on 1 campaign I'm a little confused.

I just purchased SER and CaptchaBreaker yesterday and have gone through tutorials etc before hand so knew pretty much what I was doing.

I setup my first campaign in dating niche and told it to verify 50+-10 before pausing for the day. It submitted 64 and gave me 57 verified links within a couple hours.

I setup my second campaign in environment and while I was it was running I setup my third campaign in hardware. By the time I finished creating the third and it ran for a little while I realized the second campaign had stopped but only had 50 or so verified links 130 submitted (7 URLS). So I checked settings and sure enough I had set it to stop on submitted not verified.

So I changed the settings to verified and went into the 3rd campaign (3 urls) which was at about 96 submitted and 1 verified. So it's been running all last night and this morning. and this is the result:


I'm not sure why, the only difference with this is perhaps the keywords. Rather than a handful of keywords I used around 350 from keywordmap pro. Additionally my generic keywords (hardware, home improvement) were at the end of the keyword list.

Anyone got any ideas?


  • EDIT: and the environment niche which was already sitting at at 50 has climbed slightly up to 130 verified. (using every footprint but nofollow) but 1560 submitted. About 10% which is OK.

    The hardware niche I had only selected dofollow web2.0 and wiki.
  • Additional info:
    Scraping proxies every 15mins below 200.

    1st campaign 1URL - 64submitted. 57verified. All dofollow except video, pingback, refr, index, exploit.
    30 keywords. using keywords in quotes when searching.

    2nd campaign 7URLs - 1567 submitted. 137 verified. All dofollow except shortURL.
    50+- keywords. using keywords in quotes when searching.

    3rd campaign 2URLs - 2301 submitted. 1 verified. All dofollow web2.0 and wiki profile,
    350+- keywords. using keywords in quotes when searching.

  • alright, I'm not sure why it makes a difference but I lowered the keywords down to a respectable level and changed proxies down to 75.

    it's now verifying properly. I had stopped and tried to "verify only" prior to this so perhaps it was a proxy issue.

    Problem is I've now created around 2000 links in 1 day to a money site when all I wanted was 20 or so Web2.0's to start a link wheel. Thankfully 99% of those are just php exploits so hopefully it's not too bad.
  • Or perhaps the issue is running 2 projects at once while only using 30 threads. PC is fast, but net is slow.
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