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How to rank blogspot blogger?

edited January 2014 in Need Help
Hey, there! I need to know how can I rank blogger website. What I have: GSA SEO Indexer GSA Ser Ranker GSA Captcha Breaker 10 Private Proxies 50 Hotmail E-mails VPS Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance. I already know the basics and tried ranking blogger website for the very next step. The blogger webpage I want to rank is a static page or sells page. So, I don't want to rank deep urls. Thanks once again in advance guys.

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  • I want a ferrari
  • LOL! Nah, that ain't helping.
  • I would start by looking into one of the numerous tiered link building guides that you can find by searching.
  • With bloger or other web 2.0 properties you can pretty much hit it with all you got.

    Works well for me.
  • So, I should just hit hell of backlinks (i.e selecting all backlinks engine) and blast them to my blogger blog?
  • Be careful blasting. Some Web 2.0 are sensitive to spam and will get disabled/deleted. It would be a waste to spend much effort and have this happen.
  • I've also had web 2.0s ranking like unicorns by throwing tons of garbage at it. Blogspot seems to rank very fast and well which I guess is because google owns it and the massive domain authority. Though be prepared for it to tank, but that is when you rebuild which should not take many minutes.
  • @fakenickahl what is 'tank"? lol. Am trying to rank blogspots and i am having trouble. I had one on 1st google page, was building links slowly and suddenly got slaped. On other hand i see my competitor literaly blasted Wordpress blog with crap, and just 2 anchors lol comparing to my 30+ anchors. So wtf guys? Am using Articles, Social networs, some bookmarks, wikis, and microblog for those blogspots, plus 2 more tiers, all content spun, different emails, 10 private proxies. Please advice
  • @chela1980 explore your competitors backlinks in majesticseo or ahrefs. If he uses guest books, blog comments, profile backlinks etc. try to replicate him. Learning by doing.
  • @chela1980, when a site tanks it gets buried deep in the search results if it is not deindexed. I'm pretty much talking about what your competitor did, blast it with crap, rank like a unicorn and profit, wait for the site to tank, and do it all over. If you change the content on your recently tanked blog with something random crap and get that indexed, you can just re-use the quality content on your recently tanked blog.
  • edited January 2014
    @fakenickahl problem is, i did build backlnks slowly, couple of them daily on many anchors, and he just blast crap on 2 anchors, and my blogspot is "tanked" (was on 1st spot, its on 223 place now, and his blog is still on 1st spot lol. WTF? It seems its better to spam crap or do 301 method, than building links slowly with contextual content on many anchors? i dont get it :(
  • @chela1980, obviously you are not doing it right then. Either try something different or go on a blasting frenzy. Blasing may or may not work for you, you just need to test different things out, just like you need to do with slow and long term seo.
  • @fakenickahl so any tip how to do it right? I did 100% what i could and didnt take any short cuts, and put a lot of effort on that. I would like to do long term stuff, not spam and burn.
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