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GSA SER + Scrapebox list building - newbie in trouble

Hi there, I'm fairly new to the "advanced" linkbuilding. In the past few months I've been using nothing but the built-in list and some keywords scraped with SB. But after reading some guides I thought I'll give list building a shot. After watching countless videotutorials, reading countless guides, I still don't get the whole idea... Let's say I want to make a list of Web 2.0 + Article + Social Network for my Tier 1. I found footprints for the last two, but I can't understand how to make a Web 2.0 list, since there's no simple footprints there. I've read Web 2.0's are just sites with high PR that came after those created in plain HTML. But wouldn't that be like... every website nowadays? It's probably a stupid question but could anyone provide me with plain Web2.0 footprints I could use to scrape the websites? I've tried to find them in GSA Advanced tab, but there's everything but those. Then again, what I'd do is run the list in Scrapebox through Malware and Phishing Filter, DoFollow/NoFollow Check to get the DoFollow ones, then Outbound Link Checker to get the websites that are not blasted with outbound links and finally scan it for negative keywrds with Page Scanner. When I do that, I can run it via GSA page identifier and then either use the Global List from Identified folder or merge the text files into one big list and apply it to my project, right? I'm just really confused with all the new options and usually I try to learn things on my own, but I can't find a simple answer to all my questions. I'd rather avoid posting to wrong sites :) Thank you in advance for you patience and understanding guys.


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