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Why does Decaptcher cost $6 per 1000 captchas in GSA ?

Decaptcher cost $2 per 1000 solves which is already pretty expensive. However when you use it with GSA it costs $6 per 1000 solves which is insane. I am aware if you use it with GSA CB it is $2, but that messes up my captcha solving setup.


  • SvenSven
    Im sorry, thats the cause of a deal we had back than with some other captcha provider. We can not revolke changed on SER with it.
  • Thanks for the response. Is this deal forever or does it have an expiration date
  • SvenSven
    Forever unless we and the other side make a new deal...but this might not happen soon.
  • Hey I was thinking to bypass this, wouldn't it be better to have the captcha settings in Captcha breaker. Like if Cb fails then use Decaptcha and if that fails then use DBC. Something like that. That way Decaptcha users can use it at the regular price.
  • @sven Is this possible
  • SvenSven
    use CB in any way you want. Yes it is possible.
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