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Proper SEO Content Machine integration

I'm trying SEO Content Machine and actually finding it better to use than KM, until I got to the point of importing mass content back into GSA. With KM I can go to Autofill > Use KM and select 50 files I created, and use them all in one project. With SCM, I have to go to Import > Data Fields... and I can only select one file. No idea how to use the hundreds I just created in SCM in one GSA project. It created a different set of files for each keyword even. Can this situation be improved upon or is there a workaround to get these two beefy tools working nicely together?


  • SvenSven
    OK so that program exports gsa compatible import files? I don't own it. But if thats the case, then yes, I might as well join things of multiple files.
  • Hi Sven, yeah it does. They did a brief video of its GSA integration here: If you need its export to test then I can provide some, else their trial is easy to get for testing, they don't ask for paypal info or anything.
  • Hi sven, I am the developer of SCM. SCM creates 1 GSA compatible import file for each keyword in its own folder. If you need to email me directly for anything Otherwise happy to provide any help I can.
  • SvenSven
    @scm, thanks, I will try to add this on next release (being able to import more than one file to the project).
  • Nice, thanks Sven.
  • Lovely, thanks for the quick response @sven
  • Great work you guys, @scm and @Sven
  • edited January 2014
    Works perfectly now. much appreciated :-bd  @scm and @sven
  • Hey I don't see any option in import articles . How to import via SCM?
  • SvenSven
    Tools->Auto fill
  • SCM version 4 has updated the import process into 2 steps now.

    SCM creates project settings files + articles into 2 separate folders

    1. Tools -> Autofill -> Any project settings file (that is any file not in Articles folder)
    2. Article Manager -> Import Folder -> Title in first line

    I did this so that you could import content into any existing GSA SER project without overwriting your settings.
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