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Import Question

I've been harvesting URL's through Scrapebox. But, I'm not too sure of where to put this.

I'm assuming it's Options> Advanced > Tools> Import URLs

But there are other similar options that I don't really know what they do. So which option would it be?

A) Options> Advanced > Tools> Import URLs (Identify platform and sort in)
B) Options> Advanced > Tools> Import URLs (holding site lists)
C) Options> Advanced > Tools> Import Site Lists

What is the difference between these options? 

Where is the Global Site List located?

Once I import the URLs, will GSA do everything that needs to be done automatically or is there other steps?



  • SvenSven
    It might be better to import that directly to the project using right click on the project->import target urls->from file. The site list (Options> Advanced > Tools> Import URLs (Identify platform and sort in)) works as well but the first solution might be better.
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