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Regarding link velocity...

Since @2take2 made me aware i may have been going overboard Iv e been trying to ration out the top tier since somewhat.

What sort of volumes do you guys aim for on t1 on new sites? Also does it not matter past t1 and anything goes velocity wise after that?


  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    Hi @peterparker, more important than how many verifieds you are building per day, is how many are actually ending up getting indexed, but as a rule I generally build about 30 verified contextual links per day to my money site.

    After tier 1 you can pretty much do what you like, but I'd aim to build a 10 - 10 - X structure, ie. 10 contextual tier 2s for every tier 1 url, and as many spam links as I can muster (within reason) pointing at the tier 2s.

    If you also build a spam tier to your tier 1 urls, then go a bit easier on this, because if you just hammer them you will not only make your money site dance like crazy, but more importantly you will kill the tier 1 urls that you have been spending resources building more tiers to.

  • ok cheers. Does it take longer to rank when the juice is coming from lower tiers filtering thru to the top? i seem to rmemeebr it did but maybe it was otehr factors back then. its just i did anotehr one few weeks ago and id usually expect to see rnakings on these keywords ina week or two and still nothing. i changed some otehr stuff like kw density and i think maybe that might have screwed it up before it started so gonna try agina on another domain.
  • Unless you're doing churn and burn (which is a different animal altogether), then you should expect it to take around 3 months minimum to rank a site in a decent position on page 1 , with any quicker being a bonus.

    However, that does obviously depend on the niche, how good you are, and the resources that you throw at it though.
  • i mean i dont expect to rank everything to front page within a week just that i usually find that having most within top 100 within a cpl weeks is a good indicator of how my progress from there on out will be cos when nothing shows after that time frame ive found nothing will show up at all after that. like an insta penalty and/or too hard to get anywhere.
  • Ahh ok, I get you.

    Yes you're right, and as you say, the more competitive the niche/keyword the longer it will generally take for you to start showing up in the top 100.

  • goonergooner
    I go for the same volume as @2take2 on tier 1. I usually go for 50 submitted, which i figure is 30 verified and then 15 indexed and x10 -15 on lower tiers.
  • I spend 95% of my time building tiers and it works for sure and takes at least 3 weeks to start kicking. Lately it's been 6-8 weeks..  If you are in a REALLY competitive niche, you may need several installs of GSA SER to pump up those Tier 1s. e.i. - payday loans. 

    Niches like that I won't even bother. 
  • ronron
    ^^ Ditto on everything said above. I'm at 10X 10X on lower tiers, and around 15 verified on T1
  • But you all are talking of links per website or link for a single page?
    For example, if a website has 50 pages, do you build let's say 15 verified per page per day = 750 (too much I think) or 15 to the homepage (and maybe just a few to the inner pages)?
  • ronron
    I think we are all talking about homepages. It depends where you are at in the lifecycle. I might start out the first week at 3-5 per day, and then ramp up to a level like 15/day until I see something. Every niche is different. I hit inner pages that I need to rank. Each one has their own prescription. I think we all try to keep a balance where more are built to the inside pages compared to the homepage.
  • Thanks @ron, your helps are always very useful
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    Good discussion. Hmm regarding your comment @sweeppicker unfortunately for a long time I havent found the more = better approach to work anymore. after the first few thousand I have found it to be dimsinishing returns so i dont know what you guys are doing different? For me I can say on my one site which i was trying to keep 'clean' i had only 1 top tier of contextuals and nothing underneath. This is the one I do mass on but all on the tier pointed to moneysite- all contextuals- was a few k every few days when I didnt know how to run gsa properly but in the past couple of months it had been 10k -30k verifieds per day. but ive stoppped recently since it just didnt seem to be doing anyhting at all. And of course before you mention it I had been working on my indexing with a similar technique to what these 'service providers' offer here, which would give 60% index rate within an hour, altho i wasnt getting 100% indexed I think it was about 30-40% in the 1st few days and didnt stop around to spot check them after that. Even 30-40% of 30k per day would surely make a dent but not for me.... So that was a one tier approach and ive given up blasting with that site now, trying out social media for a bit now instead. On antoehr I did 2 tier- same mass contectuals up top, and mass of every platform below. That one was doing alright for a month or so getting a couple in top 5 but then it got banned. So currently Im trying the less velocity up top and mass below. Thoughts? Like I say I cant see that Im doing anything wildly different to you guys and yet I either get banned or cant get past 2nd page. My kws are not competitive, only 1k-4k. Basic onpage- ie nothing fancy but nothing i think would hold me back and ive ranked with the same content in the past. Kw density no preference for main kw just chucking the moeny kws in with a bunch of related ones copying what I see in top ten serps. One thing I will note tho, which 2take2 replied in regard to before is that when doing mass up top, even contextuals, i would see about a 50 position drop after the 1st 3 weeks, without fail. So perhaps all my latter efforts are just trying to recover from some kind of penalty from too much blasting on top tier. Merely speculation but it is a theory I have been testing out since other of you guys say you dont notice this 50 place drop whereas I had been just taking it for granted.
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    PeterParker. I am pumping 100,000 contextuals at tier 3 and it is working very well for me. I am also constantly scraping for new sites on my other VPS. Nothing remains stagnant. You want to keep the gears in motion and you have to be consistent and give it a good month to see results. More than likely, your rankings will actually DROP the first few weeks. This is normal so don't panic. Pretty much all my campaigns I ended up in higher position than I started with and I been doing this since the summer.

    Unless you got high PA backlinks or very easy keywords, T1 will not get you #1. This has been my experience.
  • interesting. well id done it for 4 months, since august last year so i think that was a good amount of time to see it wasnt working.
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    This is what my rank charts tend to look like. You can see in October I started my T3s. I dropped for 30 days and shot up higher. This has always been the case unless I do something dumb like send super spammy links (profile links, guestbooks, etc). Note that I am only building contextual links. Links without content get marked up as SPAM and will demote your ranking making it impossible to rank high. Furthemore, I am making an effort to use higher quality spun content that is actually readable and relevant. Their are various solutions and tools for this.

    You should also be monitoring your links and tiers in Backlinks Monitors. Breaks in your tiers can cause problems and cut off link juice.

    Google is just playing with our heads!
  • Hmm, @sweeppicker so what does your t2 consist of then?
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    Relevant well-spun content :) I use Content Foundry for this and then do some tweaks in the settings so it reads well and doesn't look like a robot wrote it. 

    I used to use Article Builder. Never had any problems with it but I'm trying to stay ahead of the curve if that's possible and generate fresh content for backlinking.
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    the graph is good to see thanks; mine look similar with the jagged ups and downs with a gradual increase upwards. and ofc the all important quesiton, what sort of traffic kws are those for? and are they 'seo' niches rather than simple 'local seo' :D
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