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Say that i have 18 keywords to compete with and i write 18 articles based on the 18 keywords  2 articles posted on my blog  every week
how would  you use GSA.


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Probably for me, the majority of the backlinks would go to the root domain. Other people might have a different opinion on this, but if you're having 2 new articles published each week, you probably don't want to be hitting them with a bunch of links right away.

    It would be more natural to build links to the home page and maybe sprinkle some links randomly to different articles (inner pages)

    What's important is to make sure you have a good internal linking structure so that other pages receive the benefits. There are plugins that help with this if you're using wordpress. (seo smart links)

  • Main keyword Main article all the platforms and hi  quality links  PR3   and 50
     and for the other keywords (with different sub articles of the main article)using GSA  just  for blogs comments at times or comments and social bookmarks   or may be for another keyword  only articles submission

    for the other keywords  do not use ALL the platforms just some platform here and there
    Am i  i correct?
    Iam still experimenting open to suggests thanks

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