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Silo website structure

Hello, what do you think about using "synonyms" or almost the same meaning things as parent (category) pages of silo structure?

Cars -> parent page1: fast cars, parent page2: speedy cars, parent page3: rapid cars

All those parent pages contains several subpages.

Stupid example but you probably get the idea.

Thank you


  • There's nothing wrong with it, so long as content is unqiue from each other that's fine.
  • That is exactly what you need to do. Your site needs to be siloed and optimized with main keywords, related keywords and synonyms, and yes the content needs to be unique. There are some excellent tools that can help you choose keywords based on theme relevance and then actually create entire silo structures that you simply import into your wordpress site. Here is what I use and it works amazingly well:
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    @buildablognetwork post hidden affiliate link ?
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