A % for number of links below specified PR

Hopefully I can explain this well enough...OK, say I want nothing but PR 3+ in my first tier. But, having nothing but links with a root-domain of PR 3+ doesn't look very natural. It'd be cool if we could specify to SER that we want nothing but PR 3+ links built, but also a 10%-20% of PR 0-2 links sprinkled in as well. Would this be possible to do? You could even go so far as to give a full list of PR choices. So you could have PR: N/A = 0%, PR 0 = 10%, PR 1 = 15%, etc. I just think this would give us better control over our first tier.


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Accepted Answer
    I understand what you want here but the PR filter is discussed a lot lately. Many say it has no use anyway when it comes to SEO. Adding such feature is a lot of work (also it might not seem to be from a customer point of view).
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