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Copying Groups ?

First of all, thanks for last GSA update, that fixed the "pausing project after xx amount of verifications" feature. Sven told a member of that forum that he was planning to add the "copy" groups soon. Copying tiers is already really interesting, but copying groups would be even better. In fact, copying groups (with just data and options) would be perfect. Thanks in advance for your answers. And thanks a lot for your hard work !


  • SvenSven
    Hmm so this should take all projects below that group and duplicate it?
  • Yes, absolutely. Taking all the projects contained in the group, offering to copy everything, or only data and options. Moreover, I don't know if it's currently possible to copy the whole data tab in edit. It would be awesome to have such a function, so that duplicating tiers, and groups (if it's added), will be way more easier :)
  • So yeah, you understood it, duplicating all projects in a group, and creating another group at the same time.
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