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Why is CB skipped by settings 50-70% Recaptcha?

Hi i have some problems whit CB This software can't recognize Recaptcha but doesnt always send picture to another services. Tell me please what settings are wrong  in my CB


  • SvenSven
    it is sending to another service only if that image was not analyzed before. Maybe it's in the cache and checked before?
  • Variation of Recaptcha is very huge, and statistically it's impossible to take 50% duplicates. But all services are not perfect and theoretically it's possible. Can i turn off saving capthas in the cache? Or what else can i do to solve this problem?  
  • SvenSven

    You are right, if it really was not sent twice to you (software sends same captcha 2 times to get a response), then it's nearly impossible to get the same captcha again. I guess you use it with SER only?

  • Yes i use it with SER only, and i there i have this settings:
  • SvenSven
    why you use dbc in CB as well? I would skip that. Though this does not explain the skip behaviour...will try and see what it is. Maybe dbc was not able to solve it and skipped it a swell.
  • edited January 2014
    I turn of dbc in SER and save it, but nothing change
  • SvenSven
    the response time from dbc seems very long...15sec. So I would say it's on there side.
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