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Which software to use for my Tier1 content?


I am doubting what to use to generate my Tier1 content..
I have WAC, so maybe their premium upgrade that creates Tier1 content is good?
Or maybe I better use something else?
Suggestions will be appreciated!


  • It's not that widely-known and it's a monthly sub, but Content Foundry can get you loads of content on almost any topic and spin it internally using a number of algorithms. It comes out unique and you can use it for T2 and T3 and I reckon I'll start using it on T1 with the new updates that have come out.

    I've also used ACW but that is only an article mixer and it crapped out when I tried to use it with WordAI.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    i use article builder...seems to work pretty well
  • ronron
    edited January 2014
    Kind of a general question. KM, WAC and the others are all fine for T1. If you are dealing with web2.0's that are either moderated or have sensitive filters, then you need manually human spun articles. 

    Article Builder and/or The Leading Articles for the win...for content that must be so good and so unique that you can put it on a moneysite.

    I am not sure of WAC's product and pricing these days, and find it surprising that they have a separate price for T1 content.

    Anyway, here's the deal on T1 uniqueness when using spinners:

    - The more unique an article, the more unreadable it is.
    - The more readable an article, then it is not unique - it is copied!

    There is no Holy Nirvana software that can create readable, unique articles. Not in our lifetime, or while we are still SEO's. 

  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited January 2014
    @ron are they both that good?

    I've looked at them both before, but always thought they were too good to be true...
  • ronron

    Yes, the English is 100% grammatically correct. They are sentence spun, not word spun, so you don't have those annoying grammar errors.

    When I say that I use them on the moneysite, I specifically mean as posts to fill up a silo or to simply have more pages indexed. Not as sales pages or click pages. Just pure content.

    Kontent Machine (Georgi) just sent out an email where KM can now take articles directly from The Leading Articles via an API, and then insert link tokens, and then hand it off to you. Really sweet for those T1's that need quality articles. 

  • @ron does the sentence and the paragraph make sense?
  • ronron
    edited January 2014
    Yes, because each paragraph has a little sub theme within the topic, so when they rewrite each sentence, it creates the handoff to the next sentence. Hard to explain, but they read correctly.

    If we were to do this ourselves, we could do it. We would then be committed to the asylum shortly afterwards. I think there are somewhere between 5-7 rewrites for each sentence. And as long as you keep in mind the original sentence that follows the one you plan on rewriting, I think that is how they do it. It takes time to do it that way, but no matter which sentence you slide in or out, it stays cohesive. With AB you can order the articles ready to go, and in major themes like health you can download their super spun original spin. With TLA you buy the spin, and then you can take that right to SER. My only issue with TLA (which KM now solved) was the insertion of link tokens.

    A while back I saw someone willing to do sentence spun nested articles for $30 for a 500 word article. It was on one of the seo forums sales sections, and it was a Brit who had excellent grammar. Don't know if he still does it.
  • edited January 2014
    Thanks for all the tips guys.
    I think I will buy the WAC Premium upgrade and thinking of using SERengines for the web 2.0 option.
    Does any of you use SERengines?

    BTW Should I worry about duplicate content that maybe will be provided by WAC with the T1 and T2 links?
  • edited January 2014
    I'm testing WAC since a couple of weeks... Well, at the beginning it seems wonderful, because it can fill well oll the GSA fields, but it doesn't spin well, because it only spun on phrase, line and paragraph level. No words spun.

    This means that the results many times don't pass copyscape.

    I'm thinking to buy Kontent Machine, that you can connect with TBS or Wordai and get a much better spun content.

    It's only my 5 cents help :-)
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