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Server Hanging and slow speed problem ? please help me guys !

Hello everyone, 

I am already discussed about my this problem before in my thread here.Now i have created a signal thread of the problem and i am hoping here i will get some good suggestion.

My one GSA ser is not working very well. It's becoming hang and upper of GSA "Not Responding "  error. when i delete remove duplicates domains and urls. GSA takes a lot of time to remove while my other GSA ser removes them quickly. On the other hand, when i run at least 10 project together , it creates very low verified list and gives low LPM.

Here i am sharing you all my some settings. I hope you can get some idea from them if there is any setting problem...

Please help me out of this problem. I have two GSA ser license. Why happened this problem with only one server. 



  • SvenSven
    You use public many (good/bad) are in the list?
  • This time only 8 private proxies i am using my GSA ser @Sven. Proxies might be the reason of this problem.
  • edited January 2014
    Tell me @Sven , i am fed up with this problem. Due to this problem, i am not able to create more backlinks for my project. Give me some tips so that i can run my GSA ser in speedy...

  • SvenSven
    please provide setting/project backup and I have a look. Can't say much to this problem.
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