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Hi Fellows,

Just a question,

When I want to use GSA SER, at first I check "Use proxies", then I go to "Add Proxy" and push "Find online + Test" and let the software for several minutes to pick up say 300 to 700 public proxies. After doing so I start my project(s). Now I have 2 questions please:
1: Is what I am doing ok?
2: How can I be sure that the software uses only those proxies not my real IP for my submission?
3: When I check "Use Proxies" and use the public proxies what will happen if the amount of working proxies turns into ZERO? Is the software stops the submission/ verification or it tries to use my real IP?

Thank you...


  • SvenSven

    1. public proxies are not that should get yourself some private

    2. enable the check for anonymousy in proxy options + option to delete none anonymous proxies + in SER options you need to enable proxies for submission of course.

    3. it will most likely show "download failed". Though you have an option to stop projects on none working proxies.

  • Hi Sven,
    Thanks for all your helps, Your are very kind.

    1: Can you please do me a favor and explain it? Why the said proxies are not optimal? what it means?
    Can they do any negative affect AFTER the link was submitted/verified by them please? 

    2:  you mean "Check if anonymous" and "Remove none anonymous proxies"? And by enabling proxies you mean checking "Use proxies" please? I want GSA SEA does NOT generate any backlink when the active public proxies decrease to ZERO (ie the green ones!) so what about checking "Stop projects on no active proxies"?

    3: I don't like GSA uses my REAL IP to submit any link (even ONE!) so what can I do please to be sure that the software meets my request? 
    Furthermore how to be sure that the links generated (or those which are about to be genarate) for sure don't use my real IP please? 

    Sorry I am a beginner who recently have bout the GSA SER so I am asking these questions because I don't want to lose the main YT video which brings me almost good money. 
  • SvenSven

    1. public proxies are not stable. They break down, are banned often on search engines and sites and are not really anonymous.

    2. yes thats what I mean

    3. do yourself a favor and buy private proxies, with public proxies you are always at risk in one or the other way.

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