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WAC no spin import

I usually generate my articles from WAC (wicked article creator), I just use the default "generate for GSA" option then get the database ID. I use the autofill in the article section of GSA to import. However most of the time (not always) it doesnt recognise the content as being in spin sintax, so it posts the content complete with {Hello|Hi} etc. Its the same in the preview section, its showing complete spintax instead of an "individual" spined version.

Any one else replicate or is it a some setting im getting wrong?



  • CerIs Not sure why you would want unspun content. The reason this is the default setting in WAC for the database import is so that when GSA SER posts, it uses a unique spun article.
  • No GSA is not supposed to post spun content to a property (web 2.0, article), its supposed to spin then post
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    CerIs There is a big difference between spun content, and content with Spintax in it. Of course, GSA SER is not supposed to post content with Spintax in it. It is supposed to post spun content (unique content) to article sites and other contextual properties. If GSA SER is posting an article with Spintax in it, then something went wrong with the WAC export. After the WAC ID import, go to the Artivel tab inside the project and click Preview to ensure that everything is working okay. WAC is buggy. I have had it export bad data many times.
  • Yes I realise this is a bug - hense the post
  • @Cerls - I get this sometimes, it is normally missing a close spintax symbol.. No idea if it is WAC or SER and it doesn't always happen. SER always shows a warning message if there is an issue and I just either re-run WAC or update the article manually
  • Same solution here. Reimport. I hate this with WAC because you must test it every time to make sure it export correctly. It also sometimes will not create the German and Polish fields correctly.
  • Sorry maybe Im understanding this wrong but, how is what any of you guys posted a "solution"? Does system automatically mark replies as a solution regardless? 
  • CerIs I gave you one, but don't worry. From now on I will not help you at all.
  • Sorry, your "solution" is to test it every time? Im already aware how to test if its breaking it or not. 

     Is this even the right place to report bugs or should I just email the guy?
  • WAC is buggy. WAC is the problem. Get WAC support. Be thankful you have a workaround.
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