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can SER remove or edit posts it previously made?

I have made some articles and wikis in SER. I believe my anchor texts are overoptimized. I need to either edit the anchor texts, or delete posts that have a specific anchor text. I know I can get all the passwords and do it manually, but can SER to do this so I dont have to spend all that time doing it by hand?


  • try -> Active(Remove Links)
  • edited January 2014
    KayKay, I just tried it. The problem is, that removes everything. I don't want to remove everything, just the ones that have this specific anchor text. Ideally, I would go through the list, and select all the ones I want removed. I would really prefer that I don't lose everything.
  • SvenSven

    @bigredmachine sorry thats not possible right now. But you can do the following to get this done.

    1. duplicate the project (everything option)

    2. show verified urls

    3. select the once you want to keep and delete them.

    4. activate the project with status "Active (Remove Links)"

    5. when done go to the original project and do a re-verification on show verified urls. The once you just removed should come up as failed and you can delete them.

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