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Struggling to Rank Blogspot Domains

Has big G put a hold on Blogger/Blogspot ranking? I have been working on two different domains, giving them a decent (not spammy) link-building campaign and I can't even rank for stupidly long longtails. This is over a month now, whereas I'd figured I'd be able to rank for two different main kws (different niches, same account...) in less than a couple of weeks. 

Yes, I was being lazy and didn't create a hosted site for them, but the style I was going for (review...ish) suited a Blogspot better. The one thing I have noticed is that auto redirects to (for me, as I'm in the UK and the Gmail account is UK), and if you look in Ahrefs etc then the difference in 'power' from .com and is huge.

Or has G slapped them after seeing the cooldude123 from BHW lose his rankings recently from his journey to $1k a day or whatever it was. Obviously I'm going to create real sites for the ones I've been struggling with, but just wanted to either a) let other people know or b) ask if it is just me and everyone else has ranking domains.

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