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Some Verification Questions

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I just please want to know how long it will take until i see the links as verified after ser found verify emails for it ..

So after a found verify / login mail .. when will Ser try to post to that platform  ? Could you please explain the way SER goes on after this


so after i get alot of this


what would be the next step ? ... i let the project run and it should post on all of this found and verified logins ? @Sven


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    another question ... could it be possible that the link gets removed from the list (if i do verify) even before ser found the verify / login mail ?
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    and another thing i seen


    but it didn't put that link inside the last verified urls window ... (link works fine tested manually)

    EDIT : i ran verify again on that project and it seems that

    09:23:43: [+] 100% Verification (round 1) of Articles - Moodle already  successful->removed -

    which is good but even more confusing for me since as said i cannot see the link in the last verified urls window (c/ped all verified into text file and searched for "e-learning" -> no result) but the screenshot where the link got created isn't too long ago
  • SvenSven

    "Moodle already successful->removed" tells the program that this link was created but it is known to the project already. It will skip it.


    Links get removed from the to-verify-list if

    a) successfully verified -> maybe added to success urls or added to url queue after registration verification

    b) program sees no success for this after a certain time it checked it


    About the time when submission starts after verification: Depends on your settings. But usually it puts that to-submit one in position 1 of the queue.

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