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anyone here rank #1 for competitive term using only SER?

I have been exploring the top results in different niches. here is the trend that I noticed: it seems to me the #1 and #2 guys are using high pr private networks, and #3 and #4 guys are using SER. in other words, it seems like it is not possible to reach #1 with SER. the best you can do is #3. is there anyone here that can rank competitive terms by using SER alone? If yes, do you mind giving us some tips (other than scrape with scrapebox, post with SER?)


  • It is defenitly possible.
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    I've gotten #1 or #2 for a few pharma KWs. Was it easy? NOPE. You need a crazzzzy amount of Tier 3s. I've found GSA works best to rank high authority web 2.0 and article sites. If you link those back to your money site the link juice will be very powerful and eventually it will start to rank as well. That's my preferred strategy.
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    You come a long way with SER. Add RankWyz and Fightback Network's on top and you're at home.
    Was nr #1 for payday loans in my country with this Combo.

  • "Was nr #1 for payday loans in my country with this Combo."

    That is impressive. Payday loans is no joke ;)
  • @vifa I used FBN and it's only good if you have PR5+ domains it seems. I had 10 PR0-2 domains added and it was pretty disappointing and the posts made on my sites were terrible....I assume that the higher PR sites take it a bit more serious then? I quit after 2 months.
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    @JudderMan. I've only been using PR4 domains at FBN and the quality of the blog posts that I have seen is quite ok.
    Was looking through the statistics and it required 24 blog posts on 24 unique PR4 domains + 1 350 blogposts on different web 2.0’s from RankWyz that was hammared with SER and approximately 100.000 verified SER links + some other secret sauce to occupy the first position. :-)
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    vifa. So you saw good results from 24 PR4 posts on FBN? Were they all targeting one exact match term? I been on FBN for a month so curious to hear other people's strategies and results. I though it might be good to use to rank more sites since I can only run so many campaigns on GSA. Thanks.

    BTW, what happened with your rankings? Did they drop? That is a heck of alot of link ammo :)
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    @sweeppicker. I target 2 keywords and the domain as anchor text with around 80% for FBN.

    Yes my rankings dropped. Someone pushed thousands of Arab spam links which made my anchor text ratio went from under 20% to over 90%. It is pure war in that niche.
  • Hmm, i never heard of fightback networks until you guys mentioned it here. How is it? Working well for you? The real question is, has google found it or hit it yet?

    I am weary of networks, link networks, etc after I got manual actions on all my sites from using TLA.
  • FBN needs a WP plugin so it leaves a footprint, I would guess that it will be found sooner or later. If you do use it, employ a VA to post content as it gets tedious uploading them everyday. The content that was being posted on my blogs were crap too, so make sure you only use WP blogs that you don't care about....this is a vicious circle as that's what others do, so you're just making a network of crap. use high PR blogs and have high PR blogs of your own, but do you want to open them up to other people's crappy content? I doubt it. This is why I stopped using it. I guess it will work for some people but the risks outweigh the rewards in my opinion.

    The FBN team has brought out a cool tool for scraping footprints, which is pretty good.
  • goonergooner
    @judderman - Totally agree with all you said there. The content is crap and there is a big risk. Strongly advise you guys to build your blog network. Buy one high PR domain a month and at the end of the year you will have 12, which is enough to do some damage in most niches.
  • @gooner where are you getting them from?  I've been struggling to get anything more than a pr2 recently, where as 12months ago I was able to get pr4 or pr5 domains fairly easily
  • ah, thanks for the review I wont use them then.
  • goonergooner
    @davbel - I go for PR3 and above and yes they are hard to come by and more expensive these days. I spend probably an hour a day on average just checking available domains.

    You know about: ?

    Also, Flippa can be good because there is a method being spread about buying high PR domains and selling for big profits. But lazy people tend to throw up PLR articles or a crap autoblog on them and no one buys so you can get them cheap sometimes.

  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    @davbel - I'm seeing the same thing - all pr2 and maybe a pr3 if you're lucky.  I'm also finding that there are lots of idiots at the auctions pushing the prices up to stupid amounts.

    @gooner - I use, but they don't seem to have domains there?

    Apparently you can also sniff them out with scrapebox as well.

    Interesting what you're saying about a method going around to buy and sell them on - That would tie in with my previous comments about the prices getting pushed up.

    Will check out Flippa again, but have never really liked buying anything from there.
  • goonergooner
    @2take2 - You're right about's almost impossible to come by, i don't even look for them.

    The Flippa method was part of a WSO, the guy showed his live auction where he bought a PR 3 domain and built a site for about $150 total and sold it for $600.

    But he paid an extra $100 to feature it on page one of Flippa. Most other sellers don't do that either, so you can pick them up for under $100 sometimes.

    But now everyone is at it, hopefully in a few months it will die down.

    Flippa can be really good, i would never buy a site based on claimed profits or traffic. But for the domain value alone you can get bargains sometimes.
  • @gooner @2take2 I use TDNAM scraper in scrapebox and  Will have a look at Flippa, but I've always been reluctant to use them...

  • PR powershot I am using right now.. seems to work good at finding domains
  • goonergooner
    @tsaimllc - I used to use that, until i compared results to

    Then i found PR Powershot misses sooooo many domains, but that was last year some time so maybe they updated it to make it better by now.
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    I definitely see both sides of the argument regarding link networks.  My take on it is ...

    Use link networks to rank your 2.0s and articles and link those back to your money site. It will greatly increase your productivity and by creating a buffer you can keep your MS safe. Just unlink them if they get slapped and accept the fact their is risk involved and it may get the ban hammer one day.

    Use the extra revenue to fund your own private network and stay further off the radar and branch off into other traffic generation methods.
  • @gooner I see that now, dang. Luckily I got PR P for free. If only there was a way to use expired domains API or something and be able to filter the list and such. I know domain peeker used to be recommended ut apparently not anymore
  • @Sweeppicker I'm going to try your approach on a new site I'm playing with.

    When you say articles are you talking about articles on your web2.0s or article sites?
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    Articles on your web 2.0s. The reason being paid link networks work BUT their is always a chance you will get busted at some point. This will shield your money site. Furthermore, I'm less concerned if I my 2.0 gets slapped 6 months down the line. The ROI is 10-100x higher than PPC and the amount of work is minimal! At the end of the day you should still end up with more money in your pocket assuming you rank. It's all about ROI and where to mitigate your risks.

    BTW, I would prefer to build my own network if it was a money site I cared about. 
  • @sweeppicker Interesting.. For a medium level competition, how many link network you will suggest and what you think a good number of web2.0 in each link network. Any specific web2.0 you would prefer to point to your money site?

    I have a test already on it. Got a blog spot blog ranking at 66 place where money site is still not in 500+. That is a wired thing to me.....but somehow your idea looks really good and will test on another site.
  • ronron
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    My approach is very similar to @sweeppicker where I am finding that a buffer is better for the PR juice. You're taking a small hit in linkjuice through the buffer, but you can avoid the perils of those links - especially the dicier ones.

    The other cool thing is that since you are essentially buying pr juice - if it goes bad, you set up a new one - your expenses haven't changed. You're not out more money. Plus you didn't burn down your moneysite asset. A lot of upside with very little downside. The downside is that it's less direct, and there are still 'things' you need to do that are more direct. But I think it is the smart play these days.
  • Am here...
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    I joined FBN yesterday- was a memeber a while back

    god there support has to be the slowest i have ever seen...frustrating
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