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The power of this beast!

edited October 2012 in Need Help
Hello to everyone,do you think we should run this software few hours a day ..or make a certain number of submission everyday and then stop and wait the days after.

All this tsunami  of links  created by the software and the power of it  can it have a opposite  effect in our campaings,so,instead to help us,to  work against us?

I tell to everybody about this because it happened to me that i may OVER used the power of it

Thanks and regards


  • you could just set some strict filters so the only links you do get are all (for example) PR 3+ on certain platforms then it will be getting far less links and much higher quality ones
  • i did it i set them PR 3 and    50
  • you have the control of how many verified or submitted links per site per day with the scheduler...
  • unfortunately we do not have a recipe for what is good or not.because the software is new
    100 submissions verfied submissions is good enough a day ? more?// less?
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