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best way to make articles?

Right now I make articles using wicked article creator. I use the "text only" feature, make 100 articles, and import them one by one into SER using article manager. I know about GSA ID thing, but it's never worked for me. perhaps because WAC is on my PC while the SER is on VPS, i dont know. That's why I just make 100 articles and import them one by one. I have 2 problems. 1. The articles sound very unnatural, grammatically speaking. my competitor's articles are much more fluid. 2. The links are being placed at weird places. For example, imagine my site is imagine my sentence is "you must hire a good salesman for this purpose." ser will break up that sentence and say "you must hire a good salesman" I am sure google has ways of knowing whether or not a sentence is grammatically correct. in the real world, you would never have "must" and then a URL. after must, there is always a verb. so this is not good. In SER, there are 3 ways of inserting a link. I am using "Just link in article" because I don't like the other 2 options for various reasons. So if anyone can address my 2 issues here, I would appreciate it. issue 1: articles don't read very well. issue 2: link placed at weird locations.
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