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Just a few question before I start with GSA

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I'm planning on setting up a few sites and running it with GSA and some manual link building, just wanted to know:

1, Will GSA handle 20 sites plus an addition 3 tiers per site?
2, What level of hosting would I need for this?
3, Also I don't know what to do about proxies, how many for 20 sites?

Thanks in advance!


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    1) So that's around 80 campaigns right? That's quite a bit to be running. It might be best to use the scheduler to have them rotate and run at different times.

    2) Hosting? Do you mean a VPS? The recommended VPS provider is poweruphosting.

    3) There are many different providers. proxy-hub, buyproxies, etc. Maybe go with 20 and see how that works. If you get a lot of download failed or PR? errors, then increase or turn down threads, etc.
  • I wouldn't recommend running that many projects at one time. Your best bet is to run 10 at a time and alternate them and at that rate 20 private proxies would run it fine.
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    @s4nt0s how many campains do your run at once with or without tiers? do you even bother using tiered link building or are you building to a manual 1st tier or to your money site? I wanted to link directly to the money site so need to do some PR check as well so don't know about proxies and how many I'll need...
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    I have about 8 main campaigns and some of those have about 2-3 tiers setup. I do use tiers and that's mainly for getting the first tier strengthened/indexed. Of course a manual first tier is always a good option.

    I would go with at least 10 proxies but 20 or more would be even better. Just go with what is in your budget and then tune the software to work with what you have. If you need to turn down threads, etc. then you can do that.
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    s4nt0s I just wondered if I could double my proxies (40) and take the best VPS package (Quad core), would that double my output, or aren't there enough hours in the day ;) My budget for proxies and servers costs is around $300 per month...
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    I don't think upgrading to a quad core will really double your output, but I might be wrong. Sven has mentioned that the program is a 32bit program so it can only use max around 2.1 gigs of ram or something like that.

    If you're going to have captcha sniper and other software running with it then its always good to have some extra ram/cpu.

    It's really something you will have to test and then see what kind of results you get. If it needs to be improved/tweaked you can adjust as you go.

  • I am planning to set-up campaigns similar to what @dmtaylor247 has describe BUT my budget is much limited.

    Got SAG SER, Captcha Sniper and GSA SEO Index. With that I'm going to be running maybe 8 to 10 campaigns at a time in rotation every 3 hours.

    With limited budget as I said, I'm planning to use 5 semi-private proxies.

    Will that be enough to cover the 10 campaigns actively running ?

    Considering that I have a typical VPS configuration and I have to throttle DOWN the number of threads,

    What would be an ideal number of threads to start with ?
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    @sootedninjas you could try limiting the priority levels and also the number of links built...

    What what I've gathered in this thread a VPS with 3 GB RAM for SER, CS and GSA indexer + 20 dedi proxies should run a campain with 10 + 2/3 additional tiers projects around the clock... correct me if I'm wrong..

    I really don't know the difference between 5 semi or dedi proxies, other than shared proxies will fail occasionally... I'm unsure about the PR check too, wouldn't Google block 20 proxies running this many campaigns if you checked the PR on every project and every tier other than the last one?

    When I use SB with a large list (1000) for an index check they block the proxies (20) pretty fast.. It takes around 4/5 days for them to unblock them fully...

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @santos "I have about 8 main campaigns and some of those have about 2-3 tiers setup."

    What do you mean here? Is that 8 projects or 16 to 24 projects? 
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @S4nt0s - Also -  what's the advantage of using the scheduler rather than letting the program just select which projects to use? Surely you just set up your 8 campaigns (groups) with the 3 projects in each and hit run and the program will do its thing?
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