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New member with Questions

Hello everyone, I am new here. I saw GSA email spider and I want to buy but before i do that I want to know one or two things about the software.
I have already gone through the manual and I am impressed with what it can do, but I want to ask?

Can I use it to extract emails from classified sites like craigslist, and can it post reply to emails like

Can I sue it to extract contacts based on date, e,g. I want to extract emails from blogs published from last week till date.


  • SvenSven

    Well as long as you see the email on the page or source, it can be extracted. But you can not extract with some date range.

    What you can do is saving the project load and continue it so it might parse new pages not parsed before.

  • Thanks Sven,
    I want to use the free poxy in the software. IS it very effecticve?

    Do I need to keep doing search and checking for proxy every time I want to`use the email spider, or if i do it once I can continue to use what I have their.
  • In the test I am still carrying out I find out the software is slow, I am getting 5 emails in about 25 minutes. Could it be a bug?
  • SvenSven
    sorry but "slow" is a definition of your settings, input keyword and such. But as you keep using public proxies, make sure they actually work good enough.
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