Proxies lower my LPM..

Hi. I use 20 semi-private proxies from and I don't know why, but it makes my LPM lower when I use proxies for all settings.. (I'm ranking youtube videos) My LPM is below 1 for not that spammy engines like articles, videos, web 2.0, basically everything besides trackbacks and exploits, blog comments and guest book. I set up 120 threads. And when I enable proxies only for Search Engines, it makes my LPM ~4. Without any proxies it's between 1 and 2. Same with spammy links, with proxies on everything I have 5 LPM, with only on Search Engines its 20-30 LPM. The proxies all up, and after testing they have speed between 0,6 and 1,2. I was running theese campaigns on my PC - 4 GB RAM, 2.6 GHz quad core. And besides that, I'm planning to buy a VPS. Is 2 GB ram and 2.0 GHz quad core enough for 15+ campaigns at once 24/7? However, it's pointless if I'm gonna get 0.5 LPM because of theese proxies..


  • Now I set up another campaign and with proxies used with submission, verification and PR check it couldn't even post 1 link, lol. When I turned on only Search Engines bam, 20 LPM. And I was checking the settings one be one, only Search Engines works. And, forgot to say - I have GSA since yesterday so I'm kinda newbie in it.
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    Edit - I figured out possible reason. When my project are running Google blocks it from search. When I try to search some term in google (manually) while theese project are running, I have to type in a captcha. When I stop project, I can search without captcha again. How can I fix this ? And GSA SER proxy text says all the 20 proxies are fine, no matter when
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    Increase the time between search engine requests, use more search engines and check your proxies against google.
  • Thanks for your reply. As I said, I have checked every proxies (against google too), and it's 20/20 green. However after increasing time between search engine requests google doesn't block my proxies with captcha, so it helped. But I still can't figure out why it's so slow for submission and verification.. With theese options ticked my LPM is 0.5 and almost no CPU usage, but once unticked, it suddenly jumps to 25 LPM
  • I think I solved my problem, theese proxies were very slow - minimum time 0.5s, most of them were above 1s. Refunded them. (bought at
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