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Problem when I tried to re-verify links in a bunch of projects

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I have been out of commission the last week or so with a bad case of
the flu. And then I was out of town for 4 days with no PC access. So I
haven't been around the forum at all.

Just before that I had been
running some projects (about 50 of them) for a few days using using a
catchall email. I was not getting a very good verified link percentage
(less than 10%), so I was playing around trying to see if I could figure
out why.

I decided to re-verify all links in all these projects.
When I did, it was apparent that something was messed up. Each project
had less than 100 verified links and should have had a few hundred
submitted links. But the result is that each project showed the correct
number of verified links, but the number submitted increased for each
successive project (ie the first project had 800, the 2nd project had
1600, the 3rd project had 2500, etc). By the last project, it was listed
as over 25,000.

Here is a screen image...



  • SvenSven
    And you think that the numbers are incorrect? Did you have a look on the URLs?
  • Yes, I know these numbers are incorrect. Each project had only 400-800 submitted.

    I cannot look at the URLs. If I try to look at submitted URLs, it tells me that there is nothing available.

    I let the program run until it had checked all these and all submitted counts are now at zero. If I click "Verify All Links" now, nothing is added to the Submitted column and SER says "No more links to verify"
  • SvenSven
    hmm and what happens on a restart?
  • I am not sure what you mean. If you mean restarting SER, I just did that and retried everything I mentioned above. I got the same results.
  • SvenSven
    so on a restart of the program you see still that it had to many submitted entries? if so, please provide a backup of your projects. I can not seem to get the bug reproduced.
  • No. All submitted link counts are now zero. Even if I click on "Verify All Links" nothing happens now. It does not reverify anything.
  • SvenSven
    if submitted links are 0 than a verify all is not doing anything of course. Sorry but Im a bit lost here what your problem really is.
  • I thought the purpose of clicking on the "Verify All Links" was to recheck submitted links. In the past when I clicked on this, the number in the "Submitted" column would be increased (presumably because of old submitted links that were going to be reverified). SER would then go through and try to verify these links. Am I wrong on this?

    Assuming my understanding is correct...

    When I did this the first time, I go the results you see above in the image. The "Submitted" counts were inflated more and more for each project.

    Now, if I click on "Verify All Links" for a project, nothing happens. The number "Submitted" stays at zero. Why is this? I thought it would reload all the past submitted links so SER could reverify them.
  • SvenSven

    Naw thats not how it ever worked. This option is obsolate anyway I think. You should always use the status "Active Verify only" and it would have the same effect (if you switch to status active later).

    This "Verify all links" would just make a project take every url in the submitted-urls list and check if the link is already online. It would never have checked already verified links. So if you have already 0 URLs in the submitted list, this "verify all links" would do nothing.

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