Video and Podcast Submissions

Not sure if this has been already discussed but is it possible to create a video submission module so could upload and blast videos to multiple sites? I know the bandwidth requirements would be huge but the videos would make great Tier 1 properties.

Uploading audio to podcast sites could also be a great feature as well as these sites are very authoratative and a great way to market and build subscribers.

And to take it one step further, being able to manage all your accounts in one interface so you could add to them over time would be super cool :)



  • SvenSven
    well if you have some platforms, I or someone interested (you maybe) can script it.
  • Hi Sven,

    How about submit google hangout onto different properties?  wordpress? tumblr? blogspot?

    Is it doable?

    P.S: I'm new here - and amazed from the software - you're a genius!!!!!!
  • SvenSven
    Maybe it was you who asked me about Hangouts already. Well I still don't know what that is. I usually stay away from any social platforms like twitter/friendface for obvious reasons. If this is a special platform you need to be scripted, please ask around. I can't and don't want to do that.
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    Yes, Sven a Video submission or Audio Submission would be great. I have used magic submitter in the past and they have a huge list of those sites - with addition of this video submission module - GSA would be a sure fire unbeatable SEO tool and I know it is already the best tool around but it would do even more good.

    Video and Audio sites give us a good diversification and some traffic too.... which is what we all are trying to do.. :)
  • SvenSven

    The problem is that all those sited from your other tool would be fixed engines with one URL and one script for all. And then we have another problem to maintain more.

    I have no problem adding engines that match multiple sites.

  • I agree with sweeppicker, that would be a fantastic feature to SER. That with some other aspects could well make SER the "Tier 1 King", which is the only thing SER isn't yet.
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