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About this forum/donations/support

I have one question about this forum, if I can ask it here.

I was thiking this forum was an official section of the GSA company, where it was possible to ask help for problems using the GSA products.

But today I red in a post about the donations.... and actually I can see in the menu at top of the page the function "Donate".

So my question is: is this forum only supported buy the personal help of Sven and maybe some others (then the donations are widely deserved for the great help they provide), or is it the official forum of GSA Company (so maybe this support/help should be included on the price of the products)?

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  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    Well you buy a product but unlike other products, we don't charge for updates, support or whatsoever. It's a life time license. I often add things to the program on request and of course I help where I can. The donate button was introduced because customers wanted it.

    Feel free to use it (not many do) if you think one of your feature requests was worth a little donation to keep me going.

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Well to be honest I thought about it to give some of the donations back to people being active on the forum here helping each other. But right now it makes no sense as there are not much clicking that button. :(
  • edited January 2014 Accepted Answer
    @Sven We don't need it mate. You deserve those. We do discuss and give support not because we HAVE to, BUT because we WANT to.

    This community is great and I have been learning so much and I wouldn't mind anyone helping here because I myself have gained a lot from here. So those donations are gladly yours and yours only.

    Moreover, the lifetime free updates and only one time buying cost kicks ass so we could not ask for anything more.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Thanks @Pratik
  • Accepted Answer
    +rep for @Pratik i totally agree with you.


  • Thanks for your explanation. It was just for to know if the donations goes to the company of to the people that here give help :-)
    So i also can know what to expect when I ask something.
    As i said before, I think in this case donations are well deserved

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