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Article scraping and spinning on autopilot

Jest wandering if this can be added to SER . Recently  checked articles that SER produces from ''search online'' option and they were pretty readable and when checked with copyscape also no match found . Very good . So can we have feature that when the project runs out of unique versions of the articles SER  scrapes and spins, ads articles automatically to the project with keywords for scraping  specified in the field . 


  • SvenSven

    Thats already working. Use the macro %random_article%. It will get a article based on keywords/anchor text. If you want to spin it before, use:

    #spin %random_article% #nospin

    If you want to mix more articles to one use:


    See macro guide for more.

  • @sven super . thanks  :D 
  • edited January 2014
    btw @Sven if i set this manual at article manager like :

    #spin %random_anchor_text% #nospin
    #spin %random_articlemix1% #nospin

    and i press preview it just shows the macro syntax (only the summary is shown)

  • Almost the same goes for the #trans_es%spinfolder-<folder>%#notrans

    I see article texts between the tags trans_es and notrans and not translated in the summary. 
  • SvenSven
    @KayKay yes, but this is just for preview. Some macros are just not working there, but only on submission.
  • @Sven will

    #spin %spinfolder-X:\GSA_SER_FILES\articles\myarticle\xxx% #nospin

    work too ?
  • SvenSven
  • KayKay  this last macro you've showed , this will work only with your own articles or will it scrape from net ? 
  • dimitribanks since i use spinFOLDER ,) as the name says it takes files from a folder. i got there many text files with spintax articles, but only sentence level .. so this comes handy ,)
  • hmm @Sven would it be possible to add something like

    #spinwoanchor blahblahblah #nospinnwoanchor
    -> this keeps all the anchors and doesn't spin them in the article

    #spinwokeywords blahblahba #nospinkeywods
    -> this keeps all the keywords and doesn't spin them in the article

    and maybe one with both together, is this possible ?
  • SvenSven
    kaykay not really as spin services take the whole thing and spin it, I can try to send parts but thats not really good than as the to spin thing could be spinned already.
  • oky i understand ,)
  • btw @Sven inside the Article Manager .. all the added articles will be used ?

    i mean i add there more than one line it uses randomly one of the added settings ?
  • SvenSven
    Yes, it takes a random one from the list and tried to use one not submitted before.
  • thx for clearing
  • @sven , will this makros work in ''blog about'' ''blog tag line '' fields ? I wander if i can use them everywhere in data fields ?
  • SvenSven
    sure, every macro works everywhere.
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