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How to setup Recaptcha EVE with GSA

I'm using CB and want to setup EVE to break Recaptcha.
Should I set it inside CB or inside GSA? And how?

I want to spend EVE credits only on project that post to contextual platforms and to skip EVE on blog comments.
How can I do that???


  • SvenSven
    Add it in SER and there as 1st option.
  • Sven, with your setup it will first call EVE to break recapcha...
    So, it will spend credit.

    My setup send captha to CB to try to break it, and if it fail then it send it to EVA..
    It means I'm spending less money on EVE.

    But I want to send to EVE only some projects - not all.
    For example blog comments and guest books I don't to spend money on that kind of links.

    Inside single project options there is "Skip hard to solve capchas"
    Tell me does that option blog recapcha or not?

  • If not, can we get some option on project level that will save our money with external captcha breakers 
  • SvenSven

    "Skip hard to solve capchas" will skip recaptcha yes.

    And then you can still use only 1st or 2nd captcha service for projects (clcik on label to switch).

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