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Backlinks Problem

Okay guys so I just want to ask if there's something wrong that I did on my SER.

Because I have 1091 Verified which is the highest among my 5 projects, and when I check my backlinks in ahrefs the highest was 94 Backlinks. Is this normal? I already ran my project for 48hours now, is there something wrong I did? Because it's like I'm having an 8% Success Rate on having Backlinks with my 1091 Verified.

Please help! Thank you in advance!

Best Answers

  • Accepted Answer
    * Verified on SER doesn't mean indexed on Google

    * Ahrefs and majesticseo only knows about maybe 60% of your links and i think that is too high.
  • Accepted Answer
    no i was talking about the 60% being high.

    are you using any of the indexer services shared here in the forum or any indexer software?

    if you are not then you should wait for google to naturaly index your backlinks and that takes time... maybe 4 weeks - 2 months...  who knows.
  • Accepted Answer
    indexification its still good, but they lowered their effectiveness because some google updates or whatever, there are other services in this new era of indexers that are giving amazing results in 2-3 days.... you could try one of these new indexer services or wait at least 1 week before worrying about it.

    those new indexers are promoting here in the forum just go to the buy/sell/trade section on forum and you will find them.

  • Accepted Answer
    well we cant say its an indexer problem, but you should wait at least 1 week using indexification and check again, or try one of the new services and check in 24 hours.... but keep in mind what i say earlier those services as ahrefs and majesticseo don't scrape 100% of your actual link.


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