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Feature Request-don't know exactly how to make one but could admin move this post

edited October 2012 in Feature Requests
I really think that this is a fundamental request.  By no means am I a coder so I don't know what this would entail. For my purposes and hopefully others-What about this.  Choose x number of submissions.  At this point SER will pause once it has hit this number.  But instead of the software just verifying it will do that and post to accounts that were created successfully.  Disregard the accounts there were not successful and at this point the end user can make decisions based on what they prefer. 

To many times I have watched the software create 500 plus accounts with less that 20 verified.  I would love to know which accounts/targets would accept submissions so that I could compile good lists.  I mostly build baclinks for clients so I am always trying to hit a number.  This feature would go a long way in helping me do that.  THANKS.


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Do you mean "Choose x number of submissions" or "Choose x number of accounts" (as I suggested in your other thread?)
  • either or.  Which ever one would be easier to to get implemented. 
  • But excuse me for this; I may be wrong.  But wouldn't submissions and accounts be the same thing.  I thought 1 submission would be one account created. 
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