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Sape.Ru registration

Hey guys,

Has anyone succesfuly set up an account on http:/ I've translated it into English using Chrome but  Sape wants my passport details and personal information that I really don't want to share. lol. I heard their is a way around this. Anyways, if anyone knows how to successfully sign up please let me know.



  • I saw this guide on it the other day in BHW.

    Not sure if that's exactly what you are looking for.  But hope it helps.
  • @Sweeppicker would you mind keeping us up to date with how you get on and and success etc?

    Been looking at Sape on and off for months, but never had the desire to jump through the hoops
  • davbel. Ya, no problem. This is for churn and burn and will be used on ezinearticles, 2.0, etc.
  • It looks like you had your question answered. The part about the passport is not a requirement. You said you use Google Chrome for the translation, which is what I did too. It didn't show in English that the passport part is unncessary?

    I have an account with Sape, but haven't used it yet. Apparently there is a program that people are using to run checks on the domains in the system.

  • This thread being public and on the GSA forum makes me uneasy.
  • hello how do you bypass the passport requirement? I am on that page and try to put in bs info, real info, upload fake passports from google images can't get pass it. what do you do? 
  • I cant understand the language of this site..
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited September 2015

    You don't need to send passport info to buy links from sape. You only need to do that if you want to sell links on your site in their system.

    You're checking the wrong box at the signup stage - check the second one down, not the first one as you've been doing. ;)
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