VPS hosted in another country BERMAN vs Powerhosting location

I'm new to gsa. 

I'm looking to either get BERMAN which is in Europe Vs. Powerhosting which is USA

Does it matter where your vps is hosted?

I'm mainly going to be using vps for Gsa and scrapebox along with some proxies.

Difference is Berman is around $16 and powerhosting is around $26 for the same vps. Does location play a role in using these programs for scraping/backling. And is there a big difference in speed. Thankyou!!


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    Sometimes connecting through Remotely from far away can cause issues/lag. You should choose the one nearest to you. I have VPS with PowerUp and they are solid service. Also regarding price it is nearly the same, PowerUp has same for $17. Berma from what I hear is not that good.
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    There is a massive difference in "lag" between the two. Powerup is almost as responsive as running a VM locally since the server is close. Berman was awful for me about a year ago. It would take seconds to register a click so getting anything done was nearly impossible.
  • Thankyou guys for your imputs. I'm going with Powerup Definitely. 
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