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What are contextual platforms and why they are not sorted in GSA?

So, we have contextual platforms (those that accept posting full articles content with link) in different categories in GSA.
In Article group there is BudyPress, good platform but GSA makes only profile page on it.

- Sven, why we can't post full articles on BudyPress like other tools do

Then in Forums group there is ExressionEngine that can be used to post full article on profile page.

Sven, can we have somehow better groups inside GSA, to have some option to select all platforms that can have full articles...
I mean engines where we can create content and keyword reach pages.

Or does any member here has custom selection of these kind of platforms ?? 


  • Where are you getting your engine files from? My BuddyPress posts articles, but my Forum ExpressionEngine does not (not even a mention of %article% in the .ini)

    Anyway, to select all contextual platforms, right click on 'Where to Submit', click 'Check All', then right click and click 'Uncheck Engines that use no contextual links'. Voila - all the contextual engines selected.
  • ???
    I'm using default engines.
    My BuddyPress is creating only profile page and ExpressionEngine use Bio box where I insert full article (800 words) with links.
  • edited January 2014
    select all article, socialengine, and wiki platforms...

    then go into your options tab and scroll to the bottom, enable article-wiki and disable micromessage and profile link types (about 6 in total you need to deselect, all in a row).

    off the top of my head, i'm lazy right now...
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