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I am using Captcha Sniper X alone in GSA SER with 30+ AD projects dripfeed for 100 submission / 1440 minutes.

Am i going to get good results with many projects like this?

If not , how many projects should I put on GSA so i could get a good results?



    This could mean many things to many people.

    Getting good results is also dependent on the difficulty of the keyword you choose and the backlink landscape of those top websites (and the age factors that also play into things).

    So -- we could tell you precisely what to do -- but if your keyword is SO difficult to rank -- you'll end up calling us liars.  :D

    Good results is subjective to your own definition quantified by the actual difficulty of the keyword + your ability to create HIGH QUALITY content that literally hypnotizes G -- making googlebot want to munch a bunch on your content as if the bot is getting high from the quality and tastiness of your content.

    However --  I can tell you from PERSONAL experience -- running just CS alone will yield you a fraction of the results that attempt to get submitted.  But that only means that you just have to keep it running longer and create more projects that stick one level of links on top of another level and yet a third level.

    So -- as you can see -- giving a straight answer is really not that easy without knowing some insight about level of difficulty and content creation skill level.  
  • FWIW - Then again there are many others that use only CS and get great results and make bank :)
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    CaptchaSniper : and how do they get great results? :D
  • Yeah -- are they building up their ramping up their CS definitions repository?
  • Yes they are using the installers being shared here for user defined captcha types that are created in CDK
  • CaptchaSniper : I`ve been noticing a lot of installers in here ,, but unfortunately I dont know how to use it coz im super noob here :(

    can someone teach me how to use 1 of those?

    I need it badly :(

    sorry im just a super new user of CS and GSA and super noob also :cry:

  • and sorry also for my poor grammar :(
  • @lrichard - these installer are super easy to use ... just download them, run them, select the types you want to import and then click Install :)
  • wow?

    is that it?

    i never tried to download those installer coz i dont know how to use them


    thanks for this AWESOME reply CaptchaSniper :)
  • some things you just don't need to know how to use -- just double-click the icon and let the magic begin!  ;)
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @CaptchaSniper - How often do you release updates on CS? And in the updates do they get updated with the extra capchas?
  • @Global - I don't have a predefined interval of which updates are released.  Updates are released when enough new features warrant it.  Don't worry, there is one coming very soon :)  Yes, they always have new captchas.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @captchasniper - been wondering about the setting "Let CS try and solve unknown captchas"

    1) Would you advise leaving this selected?
    2) Will it slow things down?
  • I would advise selecting this .. no it wont slow things down.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
  • CaptchaSniper  good day sir .

    I`m experiencing this kind of error , just 2 weeks ago.

    1. How to fix this?
    2. I think a admin just checked on our VPS and fixed it , But as I can see. Its not fix at all :(

    This pop`s up every 6 hours and it will crash the CS .
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