Need More Articles?

Recently as I was running my GSA SER on my VPS this Imprtant Message appeared:

As far as I know I can use only 1 article with 500+ words on my project right? Can someone help me please? thank you!


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    This means you have the setting enabled to not post duplicate articles on one site + enabled scheduled postings. Nevertheless you just have one article I guess and so this error message appears.

  • how can I fix that sir? thanks! :)
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    same here . I have over 50+ spin articles ... still getting .. submition per day is 50 . @Sven even it say massage does it still submit to site id there is no duplicates ? or its temporaly pause till we add more articles.

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    @nawshale : have you fixed the problem?
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    Not yet@!
  • SvenSven
    @nawshale it submits if there is at least one unsubmitted article. Please not that even a spined article is just one article, no matter how many different articles are possible in it.
  • @Sven: So what can you suggest us to do sir? :)
  • You can either add more articles or uncheck the 'Do not submit duplicate articles' box.
  • @cherub: But i want to duplicate articles? Can I still do that? And from what @Sven said that I have enabled the option do not post duplicate articles on same site, can I just disable that and continue using the same article?
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