Re-captcha is harder than ever


Since a week ago I noticed I get only very hard captchas from re-captcha sites and spamvila and megaocr can't solve them.
I was told by my proxies supplier that it is a new feature from recaptcha, for every request made the captcha becomes harder and harder which will make the things very hard from now on.

Do you have the same problem?

I use 100 shared proxies. I also tested with 50 dedicated proxies from buyproxies. No luck.


  • well last time when i wanted to make gmail account i couldnt type captcha corectly myself lol. Its getting ridicules.
  • yeah  it getting harder and harder to solve even for human
  • cherubcherub UK
    edited January 2014
    Yep, they can better recognise bots now and give them harder captchas. Has been out since Oct last year:

    I suspect it's a mix of cookies and javascript that they use to check if the captcha requester is human or not, but haven't dug too far into it yet.
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    Well, I duplicated all my projects (data/options only) lowered my threads to 30% of my proxies and I got readable re-captchas for 10 minutes. At the same time I used the same proxies on another vps with exactly the same number of threads and I got imposible re-captchas.
    There must be something with cookie handling for sure. Maybe @Sven can investigate more.

    Also a Stop/Start helped and I started getting readable re-captchas on my 1st vps where I duplicated all projects. No help on the other vps.
  • After restarting the 2nd vps I started getting readable recaptchas too.
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